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Studio Pallfygasse 20 should be avoided

Studio Pallfygasse 20 should be avoided

Sex-Vienna forum is the right choice if you want to share your experiences regarding sex clubs, sex bars, sex-workers and much more. XXX Addict is a forum user who warned the others about the studio at Pallfygasse 20. Read our full article to see the 

Owners of fake strip club in Munich face trial

Owners of fake strip club in Munich face trial

A fake strip club in Munich has recently been discovered that was run by a 38 year old man and his 36 year old girlfriend. The couple is currently facing charges that have been brought up against them in front of the Munich District Court. 

Sibylle Rauch returns to the sex industry

Sibylle Rauch returns to the sex industry

According to recent reports, Sibylle Rauch might soon be returning to the prostitution industry as a freelance sex worker. The 58 year old porn actress has been featured in many porn movies in the 80’s and 90’s and she was considered to be one of the best adult actresses of the time. Recently, she was in the 2019 edition of Dschungelcamp (German version of “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!”) where she was voted off in the early stages of the show. If you wish to know what lead Sibylle Rauch to return to the prostitution business, be sure to read the whole article!

Why does Sibylle Rauch want to work as a prostitute?

Before her appearance in Dschungelcamp 2019, Sibylle Rauch said in an interview that she wants to start a career as a serious actress and leave her porn career behind her. However, only a couple of months later, she is considering returning to the sex business. The reason for this is very simple; money.

In a recent interview, Sibylle Rauch stated that she is broke and doesn’t have money for anything. Apparently, her patron who paid for her breast enlargement, new teeth and who was supplying her with up to 1500 euros every month has left her. She has also cut all ties with her previous manager too because of her decision to return to the sex business. Currently, the former porn actress is considering becoming an independent sex worker, something she’s never done before.

Where and when is Sibylle Rauch going to be available?

In the interview, Sibylle Rauch said that she is going to start advertising her services from the 1st of April this year in This might seem like a joke, but the actress was very serious when she was talking about this. She said that the meetings would start at around 100 euros and the clients could talk with her, go out for a dinner or even have sex with the actress. According to her statement, sex in not mandatory in these meetings, but it is possible and can easily be arranged.

Sibylle Rauch Dschungel Camp Jungle Camp 2019

Sibylle Rauch in the 2019 Dschungel Camp

Sibylle Rauch might not have to work as a prostitute

Recently, the Wiener Viktoria football club’s CEO Roman Zeisel and the team’s coach Toni Polster offered to help Sibylle Rauch after seeing her interview. Roman Zeisel said that they can’t stand idly and watch when someone requires help. Since they are a social club, they can surely find a a job for the ex-porn star, maybe in the restaurant business.


Apparently, Sibylle Rauch was offered to star in a porn movie a couple of months ago, but she refused the offer. Now it looks like she will have to get back to the sex business as a solo sexworker or get a real job. However, a regular job might not be for the actress, as she could have gotten one for years now. Tell us in the comment section below what you think about Sibylle Rauch and her maybe returning to the sex industry.

If you’re interested in reading more about this topic, be sure to check out the German articles published on T-Online and tz online that we based our article on.

Venezuelan women lured and forced into prostitution in Vienna

Venezuelan women lured and forced into prostitution in Vienna

It is already known that South America is one of the biggest sources of sex-workers. The population faces difficult economic conditions, so young women are easier fooled by the traffickers. Even some of the sex bars that are operating legally are involved in human trafficking 

Top Escort Agencies in Vienna

Top Escort Agencies in Vienna

Vienna is among the best cities to choose for paid sex because of the many sex bars, strip clubs, FKKs, laufhauses and other similar establishments that operate legally. Even though we here at Sex Bar Vienna might prefer those types of establishments, we have had 

Maxim girls are currently found in Bar Schönbrunn until mid-March

Maxim girls are currently found in Bar Schönbrunn until mid-March

As you probably know, since the end of last year Sexbar Maxim is undergoing renovations. The good part is that most of the Maxim girls can be found at Bar Schönbrunn. Until the renovation is finished, the clients can meet their favorite girls in Bar Schönbrunn. Read our entire article if you want to see which are the available girls.

In Bar Schönbrunn you can find some of the Maxim girls

As we know, the girls who have previously worked in Sexbar Maxim didn’t move to other laufthauses or clubs. According to our information, the majority of the Maxim girls are either working in Bar Schönbrunn or they decided to take a break until Maxim will be opened again. On the Schönbrunn Bar website, you can see the girls who still provide their services. Christina, Ariana, Nicky, Anna and Eva are five sexy ladies who can be found in Bar Schönbrunn. Sometimes, also Cassandra and Carla can be found in Bar Schönbrunn.

The collaboration with Bar Schönbrunn was announced by the Maxim staff. The main purpose was that clients can meet their favorite girls even if the sex club is closed for renovation. Although Sexbar Maxim is temporarily closed, Bar Schönbrunn is the location where the clients can meet their dearest girls. Maxim staff stated the club will be operational again somewhere in mid-March.

Basic info about Bar Schönbrunn

Maxim girls are eager to meet their clients in Bar Schönbrunn.

Bar Schönbrunn will temporarily host Maxim girls

Bar Schönbrunn is one of the prestigious and finest sex bars in Vienna. The clients appreciate this location because you can find many sexy girls who will make you feel great.

Bar Schönbrunn is currently hosting some of the Maxim girls and can be found at the following address: Schönbrunner Schlossstrasse 46  /EckeGrünbergstrasse – 1120 Wien.

Schedule: Monday – Saturday 8pm – 5am.

Phone number:  +43 1 810 5670

Facebook page:

New illegal brothels in Linz discovered every two weeks

New illegal brothels in Linz discovered every two weeks

The police gave the green light to the sex bars and brothels that operate legally and where the sex workers are safe. However, there are still a lot of persons who try to cheat the system and use to exploit vulnerable women. These illegal brothels 

How to avoid scams and fake escorts

How to avoid scams and fake escorts

As you probably know, Vienna is popular for its sex bars and sex clubs. We also reviewed the worst sex bars in Vienna, and there are dozens of similar reviews on the Internet. There are a lot of persons who describe this city as being 

Robert Kraft is involved in a sex trafficking investigation

Robert Kraft is involved in a sex trafficking investigation

Robert Kraft, an old friend of President Trump faces charges connected to prostitution. The man, who is also the owner of the New England Patriots, was one of 25 people facing charges in the incident. Daniel Kerr, the Jupiter Police Chief stated this investigation centers around the possibility of victims of human trafficking. Kraft’s spokesperson denied all the accusations, saying that all this scandal has the purpose to destroy Robert Kraft’s image. Read the whole article to find out more!

Donald Trump is confused by the situation

Donald Trump was astounded that Kraft was accused just for visiting a sleazy massage parlor in Florida. The president also mentioned he believes in his friend’s innocence. Trump was also the person who said that Bill O’Reilly is a “good person”, although he was accused of sexual harassment. Another significant factor is that commercial sex is illegal in Florida and Kraft may have serious problems if the authorities find him guilty.

In addition, it’s rumored that numerous foreign women were working as prostitutes in different sex bars and brothels that were operating as spa centers and massage parlors. The Orchids of Asia Day Spa was surveilled by the police. In one week, Kraft was recorded two times. One of NFL’s most powerful owners faces up to one year in prison, 100 hours of community service and a $5,000 fine. The majority of the sex-workers came from China. They were promised a decent job, but they faced a hard reality. It is estimated that in a year, the girls used to have sexual relations with more than 1000 men. According to some sources, it is believed that the illegal sex bars and brothels in Miami have a direct connection with different groups from China that are in charge of girls’ recruiting.

Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft pleads not guilty to prostitution charges

Kraft, who is one of the most important people from NFL has pleaded not guilty according to court documents released on Thursday. Jack Goldberger, the defense attorney has requested a non-jury trial. The plea was submitted to the Palm Beach County Court, on Wednesday. William Burck is another high-powered attorney who tries to prepare a defense strategy.

Bruck is known for his strong friendship with Kavanaugh. Both of them worked together during George W. Bush’s administration. It is important to mention that neither Robert Kraft nor the other persons charged have been accused of human trafficking. The billionaire is accused of soliciting sexual services.

Robert Kraft faces charges connected to prostitution.

Robert Kraft pleads not guilty to prostitution charges


Patriots owner Robert Kraft has serious problems and his case triggered a national debate. He is currently scheduled to be arraigned on March 27 and everyone is curious to see how this will end. The Court is seeking a complete understanding of the situation and we are sure the judges will take the necessary measures based on facts.

Many publications have approached the same topic, so you can also read Welt, Vanity Fair and The Guardian.

Court case of FKK Paradise in Stuttgart ends

Court case of FKK Paradise in Stuttgart ends

FKK Paradise is an establishment in Stuttgart that managed to attract a lot of popularity. It is considered to be one of the biggest sex clubs worldwide, with a covering space of 5,500 sqm. The location used to be very luxurious with over 150 prostitutes 

Prostitute robs client after drugging him

Prostitute robs client after drugging him

A Bulgarian prostitute is suspected that she used knockout drops to drug a man in order to rob him. This prostitute robs client incident took place inside an apartment that was used as a sex bar in Innsbruck, Austria. Apparently, the sex-worker had that flat 

Escort Elisabeth – Vienna Escort Agency Review

Escort Elisabeth – Vienna Escort Agency Review

Escort Elisabeth is an escort agency in Vienna that is popular for its cheap prices. However, these low rates come with some negative parts. This agency has a Romanian leadership, which is known to be a red flag when it comes to Vienna escort agencies. These agencies usually offer escort girls for a cheap price, but there’s always a catch. Read this review if you want to find out what is the difference between what they promote and what they really provide to the clients.

Basic Information about Escort Elisabeth

Escort Elisabeth is a cheap escort agency in Vienna. It has Romanian owners and it was launched a few years ago. This agency is being promoted as the cheapest from this sector. The negative part is that its reputation is not among the best.

Escort Elisabeth is an agency that tries to pretend there aren’t any competitors regarding its services, but the truth is totally different. Actually, there are a lot of negative things to be said when it comes to its reputation. Many customers complained they had very unpleasant experiences with the girls who work at Escort Elisabeth. The girls’ photos are photoshopped, so you might book an escort who looks totally different in reality. Also, the Escort Elisabeth website doesn’t have an English version. This way, it is hard for foreign clients to get all the necessary details.

Here are the prices asked at Escort Elisabeth:

  • One hour = 100 €
  • Extension for one hour = 90 €
  • Extension for 30 minutes = 60 €
  • Special offer- 3 hours = 250 €

Specialty of Escort Elisabeth

Escort Elisabeth has indeed cheap prices and nobody can deny that. But that’s about it. The negative part is the services provided by this agency in Wien can disappoint the customers. According to other reviews, the personal hygiene of escorts is not one of the best. Some persons said the woman who takes the phone calls is rude and disrespectful towards the clients. On top of that, the escorts are always late and they are known to rush their clients.

Escort Elisabeth it is an agency that has an aggressive marketing campaign. The purpose is to convince the customers to book one of their girls. Apparently, this strategy works because there are people who would rather risk having a negative experience, rather than paying a bit extra.

Why we don’t recommend Escort Elisabeth?

The main reason we don’t recommend this cheap escort agency in Vienna is because the clients are often lied to. The girls are unprofessional and they have a lot of photos that don’t match reality. Another negative aspect is that their email address is useless. If you want to book an escort via email, you will never receive an answer. According to customers, some escort girls asked a different price and not the ones shown on the website – they ask more, of course.

Escort Girls and services of Elizabeth Escort Agency in Wien
Some of the girls and services offered by Escort Elisabeth

Personal experiences with Escort Elisabeth

Personally, I have never booked at Escort Elisabeth, because I’ve heard and read way too much bad feedback to rely on them. I check their website from time to time to see if there are any new girls, but I never actually ended up making a booking. For me, it is not worth it to pay a lower price because I know that it usually comes with a lower service and experience too.

If you want to read one example of a negative review about Escort Elisabeth, Sex Vienna published an interesting article. In it, they talk about a deceiving escort experience with the agency. They sent a completely different girl to the booking and not the one that the client chose online. Additionally, the phone operator was extremely rude. Read the full Sex Vienna Escort Review to find out more.

Summary of the review

Vienna is great when it comes to sex clubs, sex bars and escort services, but you should be careful about what you choose. It is better to do some research and read the clients’ reviews before choosing. Another important aspect is that you should be realistic. Obviously, for a low price you won’t receive too much. It is easy to draw a conclusion after you put together all these details. The clients aren’t respected, they don’t reply to your emails and it is possible to book a girl and to receive a completely different one.

As it was mentioned before, you should be careful because you can be scammed. The persons who intend to book an escort in Vienna should be careful with this agency. If you want to see the girls promoted by Escort Elisabeth, you can check their web page or you can ask more details by calling them.

Escort Elisabeth website

Phone Number: +43 69910757174 / 0699 107 57 174

Thankfully, not all Wien escort agencies are like this one. If you’re interested in learning more about some of the better escort agencies in Vienna, go ahead and read any of the following articles: