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Here Are The Behaviors You Should Avoid in a Sex Bar

We all love to go hard with some rough sex, especially when we pay for it in a sex bar. But there is a type of behavior we should avoid all together to make sure we don’t ruin the experience.

We get greeted by beautiful women at our favorite joint, who are ready to serve our every desire. They make sure that we feel welcome and we have time to remember. Sure, we pay good money for it but sometimes the girls genuinely care for us. Some of them might actually enjoy having our company.  Yet we guys aren’t shy to overstep some boundaries and discomfort women, no matter what the situation. If we do so, it might end up ruining our own and the girl’s experience as well. Believe me, nothing’s worse than having sex with unhappy, uneasy women.

So there are definitely some behaviors that you should avoid the next time you go to a sex bar, hook up or spend time with your girlfriend. It might be harder if you have a few rough fetishes but there’s a sensible way to handle it. As you know, the majority of girls don’t like to have cum on their face or tits. Some feats we enjoy might be truly humiliating to the lady we are with. So, in order to keep yourself more in line, here’s the type of behavior you should be avoiding.

Why Male-Dominated Sex Isn’t All That Good

It’s in our blood to want to dominate and that’s completely normal. Most girls prefer a man who is strong, confident and can take the lead. But male-dominated sex is toxic. It comes from a place of toxic masculinity and rarely leaves anything good in its trails.

Of course, there are a lot of dirty things the girls love. There are plenty of fetishes and plenty of sexual favors that might be hurtful for some but joyful for others. So, to know if we have a green light for doing what we want, there’s one simple trick. Just ask! You should always have the girls consent before going in too rough. Especially if she is a sex worker. Not respecting her boundaries might just end your session.

Guys often do reckless things during sex, without even thinking about asking for consent. They think it’s normal to start choking a girl or slapping her in the face with their dick. Unloading onto a girl’s face or tits isn’t something that should be forced either. She might be into it herself, but if you end up forcing it, you’ll just hurt her. Either emotionally or physically, maybe even both. Some guys are sick enough to take pride in their penis bruising a woman’s cervix. It just isn’t okay.

This deeply self-involved behavior isn’t something anyone should follow because it won’t get them anything good. It leaves a girl with an unspoken pressure that’s constantly present. If the prostitute you’re having sex with is inexperienced, she won’t say a word about it. So will any other girl who isn’t too confident.

man holding a woman in his hand

Even women in monogamy relationships feel obliged to let guys do what they want. They often don’t want to come across as “too fussy” because someone else might take their place.

The Root of Male Dominated-Sex

So they do everything they can to stay in the relationship. If you want to avoid this behavior, just respect your partner as an equal. Even if you pay for having sex with her, your respect should always be there. Yet for some fucked up reason, some might think that there’s no need for that. Some brainwashed dudes think that it’s their role to humiliate their partner. It isn’t because they are assholes or anything, it’s much simpler than that. They watch porn on a consistent basis. Porn is one of the main driving forces for aggressive sexual behavior. It has a strong effect on how men behave during sex and how they treat women in general. Trying to copy this is one surefire way to turn off a girl you visit in a sex bar. Women are fed up with guys who derive their sexual fantasies from cheap porn videos on the web. But it’s often more problematic than that.

If a woman has to plea for you to let her go or not hurt her, you’re doing something wrong. For some reason, a woman in tears during sex is a welcoming sight for a guy. Yet it only ruins the experience and there’s nothing sexy about it. So please, don’t force her into positions that hurt too much or pound down on her until it hurts too much. Making a woman feel degraded during sex is something you want to avoid completely.


Just let go and enjoy having sex with women as an equal. It will be way better since she’ll be able to loosen up and have some real fun. When she knows that nothing is demanded of her, she’ll go pretty crazy with riding your dick.

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