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Illegal Activity of Massage Parlors in Vienna – Possible Rise in Number of Sex Bars

Recent police investigation reports state that there’s been a huge rise of illegal sex bars being opened up as massage parlors. The ‘masquerade’ trend started on a date unknown to the Vienna authorities. Closed in January, six of the unlicensed brothels working as massage parlors have been brought to justice. Four of them contained girls from China, who offered sexual services to customers. Unregistered as official prostitutes eligible for work, their action was caught eventually. Wolfgang Langer, head officer of Vienna’s Police Unit, the department in duty for prostitution law enforcement, caught and elaborated the situation.

His reports show that there’s a huge increase of sex clubs in Vienna, acting like massage parlors on the first look. The Austrian Government’s BK (Bundeskriminalamt), a federal office in charge of Austria’s interior, suspect that a majority of sex clubs are to be closely connected to China. Apparently, a sex bar owned by a figure known as Mr. K, which was also shut down, had visible traces of human trafficking. The owner rented an 80-square-meters apartment to five Chinese women in Vienna, owing him 980 Euros monthly a piece. An unreasonable price for an individual left the Chinese women no other option and little chances for a decent living. The sex bar struggled with the customers, so they had to place advertisement banners on multiple massage parlor forums.

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They offered special treatments to customers, which isn’t clarified nor specified in its content. The customer could’ve been informed on the spot, otherwise, the black market would’ve revealed themselves unintentionally.

Federal Duty About The Case

The newly formed outlet of fraudulent sex bars involved serious federal units to interfere.Gerald Tatzgern was one of them. He’s chief of Central Office for Combating Human Trafficking, and he spoke on behalf of the Chinese women. He identified their origins, results shown that all of the five Chinese prostitutes under Mr. K, were from different provinces of China. That leads him to a doubt of a possible trafficking network since the girls haven’t known each other from earlier.Police immensely dug deep into the case, finally pinning down causes and consequences and putting them together. The investigation route took them to an Austrian man, in whom they suspect a downright involvement.

Woman massaging man.

He is married to a Chinese woman. It appears that he was the mean of management. His job was to find suitable locations for these fake massage parlors, then employing competent ‘administrative assistants’.The assistants were the ones seeking a ‘sexual service’ kind of job for the women. They pulled the alleged ‘masseuses’ together with the customers interested in something more than just a message. A happy ending or something even more. In attempts to avoid problematic customers which might report the malicious subdue work, they have done, one of the sex bars failed to do so. It was the motive for a mass of doubt to stray from the black market.

Police also found out that the assistants could take commisions and fees up to 1500 Euros from the Chinese women. How Gerald Tatzgern explained, the women’s well-being and ultimately, lives, weren’t threatened.

Officer Tatzgern’s conclusion

Reports had it that they were ‘just’ put under economic pressure so that they must pay rent to their landlords and owners, which are the same guy. The mistreatment wasn’t submitted once. The poor girls were unable to speak a word of German, turning down the possibility of crying for help.An inevitable situation, trapped inside the apartments and bound to one job in the massage parlors, the girls stood no chance of getting out.

The Aftermath of The Recent Crime Outburst

Now, when everything is brought to light, the police and authorities took the case seriously. A total number of 80 suspected massage parlors will be inspected thoroughly to be leased of any illegal clues of the sex business.The matter escalated to federal and international conditions. The scene was taken into consideration by the EU authorities, as well as the Chinese government currently.

Crime behind all of this was present from a further past, and it’s being conducted as we speak. Not only in Vienna, but in other parts and other countries of the EU. Now that the globe’s other governments are involved, drastic measures will be deployed. The city of Vienna’s laws and regulations switched the slant, so now the massage parlors are being frequently inspected and are under strict control. Who directly brought the Chinese women into Austria is still vague. Was it the owner or his middlemen, it remains a mystery to the police, as everybody stood in defense for each other. The process is still in play, and it can’t be riddled with no surplus proof or evidence.


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