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EGV – Escort Girls Vienna – Escort Agency Review

Escort Girls Vienna, also known as EGV has always been a highly regarded escort agency in Vienna. This is a high class agency where clients can choose from gorgeous and exclusive ladies to spend a night with. Since EGV is a reputable place, there is no need to worry about getting scammed or receiving a bad service. Reliability is one of the agency’s strong suits. If you don’t feel like going to a sex bar and you would rather call a sexy girl to your room, read this review and you’ll learn everything there is to know about the Escort Girls Vienna agency.

Basic information about Escort Girls Vienna

This is an agency that has been operational in Vienna for a long time now. Throughout their career, Escort Girls Vienna has always had positive feedback from their customers and we personally can’t say much bad about it either. New girls are constantly joining EGV’s lineup of escort ladies. And most of these girls know what they’re doing, so a bad service/experience is almost always out of the question. Additionally, the escorts that work at this agency have their health books and they are regularly tested for STDs, which isn’t true for all escort agencies in Vienna.

The Escort Girls Vienna website also looks professional, with new images and girls being uploaded on a regular basis. The site has all the necessary information that you would expect from a high class escort agency. You can read more about specific escort ladies, the prices that are asked for bookings, and you can even follow their blog for more in-depth information about their progress.

Speaking of the prices, since this is a higher class escort agency, the price that you have to pay reflects on the service level that you’ll be getting. An escort booking in Wien at EGV goes for the following prices:

  • 1 hour – 250€
  • 2 hours – 440€
  • 3 hours – 600€
  • 4 hours – 750€
  • 5 hours – 900€

By looking at the prices, you can clearly see that EGV is not an agency that is under Romanian leadership. At Escort Girls Vienna, you might pay a bit more than you would at cheap escort agencies, but there are various benefits that come with the price. For example, you never have to worry about the wrong girl arriving or being subject to upselling or other types of scam tactics.

Specialty of Escort Girls Vienna

Escort Girls Vienna stands out from the rest of the escort agencies in Vienna because of a couple of things. For example, the exclusivity of the girls is a huge plus for this agency. You won’t see the same girls uploaded with a different name, which is something cheap escort agencies tend to do. Additionally, this escort agency never uses fake or overly enhanced photos for the girls on the site. You can rest assured, as the girl you book online will arrive to your room.

It is also worth mentioning that Escort Girls Vienna is the official escort agency of Sexclub Maxim Wien. This is one of the biggest and most reputable sex bars in the city, so you are surely in good hands. Escort Girls Vienna is also working with Bar Schönbrunn, which is another great sex bar in Vienna. The fact that EGV is in partnership with Maxim and Bar Schönbrunn ensure a level of quality that you would probably not get at other escort agencies.

Escort Girls Vienna Review, Sexclub Maxim Wien and Bar Schonbrunn
Sexclub Maxim Wien and Bar Schönbrunn

Why do we recommend Escort Girls Vienna?

The main reason why we are recommending this escort agency over almost every other in Vienna is because this is a high class business that cares for their clients. If you choose EGV to book a gorgeous lady for a night, most of the time a good experience is guaranteed. For us, the pros outweigh the price difference and the peace of mind that you get if you choose a reliable agency is totally worth it.

Personal experiences with Escort Girls Vienna

When I look back at the sessions that I’ve had with EGV girls, I can honestly say that they were all positive. I’ve yet to have a bad experience or a misunderstanding with the agency and this is exactly why we have written this review as a recommendation. Some of the successful sessions that I’ve had were with Alina, Jasmina and the always perfect Daisy. Choosing any of these girls will surely result in a fun and fulfilling session in Vienna.

Summary of the review

As I’ve previously said, EGV is among the best escort agencies in the city of Wien right now. They are professional, reliable and they are not out to scam money from their clients. If this doesn’t deserve a recommendation, then I don’t know what does. If the review has sparked your interest, be sure to check out the official Escort Girls Vienna website for more information, as well as their contact info. So, if you’re looking for something else other than a good sex bar, this escort agency is a great recommendation.

Escort Girls Vienna website

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