Client stabbed at a sexbar in Wolfsberg, Austria

According to our sources, a 24 year old client was recently stabbed in a Wolfsberg sexbar by a 35 year old bartender. Apparently, there was an argument between the client and the establishment’s staff that ended in bloodshed. Read the full article to learn more about what happened!

Argument in the sexbar ends with stabbing

Reports indicate that the incident happened on March 3, at around 3 in the morning. The argument was between a client and the sexbar’s waiter. According to the Police report, the waiter was drunk and he attacked the client with a knife and injured his hand. After this, an unidentified male client wounded the bartender’s face and fled the scene. Police is currently looking for the suspect.

Both the client and the bartender suffered serious injuries, they had to be hospitalized after the incident and they required immediate surgical assistance.


Since both men are currently in the hospital after needing surgery, the Police wasn’t able to question them yet, so further investigations will be carried out. Regardless of who was at fault, something like this should never happen in a more reputable establishment.

We will have to wait until the two men recover from their injuries to find out more. We will keep our readers posted on any new information that emerges about this story.

If you are interested in reading the German report that we based our article on, be sure to read the publication posted on Kronen Zeitung.

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