a forum user warned the others about the studio at Pallfygasse 20

Studio Pallfygasse 20 should be avoided

Sex-Vienna forum is the right choice if you want to share your experiences regarding sex clubs, sex bars, sex-workers and much more. XXX Addict is a forum user who warned the others about the studio at Pallfygasse 20. Read our full article to see the reason why this is not a recommended location.

XXX Addict writes about a report he ran into on the local Erotikforum. According to that report, a man was scammed at the location. He went to the studio to have some fun, but things went in the wrong direction. That person was asked to pay 30 euros for a quick sexual service. He paid with a 100 euro bill, but he received fake money in return. You wouldn’t expect this to happen, right? At that moment, the man didn’t realize the money was counterfeit. When he finally noticed he was tricked, he went back to the studio to report the problem. The staff from the studio gave him the money, but this type of situations shouldn’t occur.

It is clear that the studio at Pallfygasse 20 is negatively rated by the clients. A reputable establishment would never allow this kind of incidents to happen because the customers must be respected and well treated. We recommend you to choose a certified club or studio in order to receive high-quality services. This way, you will know you won’t be scammed and you will enjoy your staying. As we mentioned before, you can read the original post on the Sex-Vienna forum. If we sparked your interest, you can check out the link. There are a lot of interesting threads and we encourage you to join the conversations and express your opinions.

Other sex studios and laufhauses to avoid in Vienna

1. Eve Bar

Eve Bar is certainly a place that should be avoided. A common trick used by Eve Bar is the “taxi scam”.Their method is to pay high fees to different taxi drivers in order to bring drunk and wealthy clients to their location. Next, they try to take as much as possible, convincing the customers to pay for “extra- services”. Another scheme they use is to instantly raise the price if they see a person who looks rich and is well-dressed. You can pay even three times more than the normal price.

2. Claudia’s bar

Claudia’s bar is definitely a place where a guy with standards shouldn’t go. The usual clientele going there is not among the best and the sexclub is located in one of the worst districts in Vienna (10th district). Although the prices seem to be reasonable, it is very hard to find a good girl. There are a lot of negative reviews and this should alert you.

3. Laufhaus Juchgasse

Despite the fact that Laufhaus Juchgasse is one of the oldest sex clubs, a lot of clients complained about the services offered by the girls. They seem bored all the time and they ask for high prices. Although this location is still safe, there are other, better alternatives. For example, you can go to a sex club with a luxurious interior and where the girls don’t Photoshop their photos to attract more customers.

4. Contact Center Laufhaus

The main reason why we don’t recommend this Laufhaus is because the girls are absent almost all the time. According to different reviews, there’s a good chance to go there and realize there’s not even one available girl. There are rumors that Contact Center Laufhaus has new leadership. We hope the situation will be improved and we wait for the customers’ feedback.

We want you to enjoy high-quality services and there are a lot of sex bars that have top rated standards
Be careful and avoid scams


The purpose of this article is to make you aware of different Laufhauses that should be avoided. We want you to enjoy high-quality services and there are a lot of sex bars that have top rated standards. Vienna is considered the best European city when it comes to paying for sex. You can find locations which will exceed your expectations, but you should be aware that there are also persons who will try to scam you.

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