How to avoid scams and fake escorts
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How to avoid scams and fake escorts

As you probably know, Vienna is popular for its sex bars and sex clubs. We also reviewed the worst sex bars in Vienna, and there are dozens of similar reviews on the Internet.

There are a lot of persons who describe this city as being formidable and full of style. At first glance, Vienna is a quiet and peaceful city, but everything changes at night. There are a lot of escort agencies that advertise different services with the purpose to attract some clients. Although everything looks ok, you might face some problems.

Not all those agencies can provide what they promise. The owners became greedy and they try to trick the customers. A lot of clients complained they booked a girl and the agency sent a different one. Of course, nobody wants to experience this and lose valuable time. If we have sparked your interest, you should read the article below to know exactly what must be avoided.

Schemes used by the escort agencies

It is hard to know which agency is serious and which one has shady intentions. On their web pages, everything seems ok and they ensure you will enjoy every minute spent with one of their escorts. However, there are some clues you should take into consideration.

There are agencies that use to upload fake pictures. They simply download it from other sites and pretend those girls work for them. It can happen that you book a hot escort, but the one who will come to your hotel won’t be the same you’ve seen in the photos. The agencies hope the clients are too excited and they won’t notice they sent someone else.

If the agency sends you another girl, you have the possibility to send her back, without paying anything. An extremely low price comes with a bad service package and this is another important aspect you should take into consideration. For a low price, it is highly possible to receive an unattractive girl, who has an inappropriate mood. This will make you regret the decision you took.

Some girls don’t agree to provide the services that appear in their profile description. You probably think that a complaint to the agency will solve the problem. The truth is they won’t care about your claims. It is easy to discuss the problems you may encounter, but what should you focus on in order to identify the agencies that try to scam you? In the next part of our article, we will try to teach you how to recognize and avoid the agencies that use to trick their clients.

1st Advice: Pay attention to low-priced services

A lot of escort agencies pretend to have the cheapest prices, but this is visible in the quality of the provided services. The owners rely on the fact that people are attracted to advantageous prices. This is just a trap and for sure you will not have the experience you dreamed about. Although you negotiate a price, some girls try to find various reasons to charge you more. To sum up, an incredibly low price should alert you. There were also cases when the clients were robbed. It is better to be safe and to be careful what kind of agency you choose.

2nd Advice: Don’t pay any fees before seeing the girls

A serious agency won’t ask the clients to pay before providing a service list. There are also some web pages where you are asked to introduce your credit card information. They say it is a security measure, but their only intention is to take your money.

You can also be asked to pay for a “special” subscription, which is supposed to offer you access to premium escorts. Shortly, if you are requested to pay any amount of money before receiving any service, you should stay away.

3rd Advice: Search some reviews about the escort agency you want to book a girl from

The internet is the most convenient way to make research about the agency and the advertised girls. You can find details about almost all the escort agencies, so you can see which is the general opinion of the clients who booked an escort.

The positive aspect is there are a lot of forums and blogs where you can read different comments or discussions about the way each agency treats its clients. You can easily find out which are the places that should be avoided.

Our recommendation is to read as many reviews as possible before making a booking. According to our experience, there are some forums, web pages and blogs where you can see if an agency has credibility. We suggest you check  the following links in order to read all the necessary details before booking an escort:

4th Advice: Analyze the escorts’ photos

As we have mentioned, a lot of shady agencies try to trick the customers with fake photos. It is a common scheme for the agencies to download photos from the internet and to upload them on their own web pages. You will be fascinated by those sexy girls, but for sure you won’t have the opportunity to spend time with them. You can’t be 100% sure if a photo is real or fake, but you can use different applications in order to find if a photo was posted somewhere else.

Google’s Reverse Image Search or TinEye can be helpful if you want to figure it out if the agency had downloaded the picture from another site. These online tools can be very helpful, making the difference between a great experience or a ruined night.

Analyze the escorts' photos because different escort agencies use fake photos.
Some escort agencies use fake photos


To sum up, this article aims to raise your awareness regarding the schemes used by different shady escort agencies. There are many people who know that a lot of money is involved in this kind of business, so they try to find different ways to trick you.

It is very important for you to analyze the agency’s background before booking an escort otherwise, you can be deceived by persons with bad intentions. The opinions of other persons are very important, so try to read the reviews they posted on different blogs of forums.

There are also escort agencies that respect their clients and provide them high-quality services. Probably the prices are higher in comparison with a “no-name” agency, but at least you won’t be lied to, scammed or even robbed. We hope our article will be useful and we will approach new interesting topics.

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