Goldentime Raises the Bar with the New Prices

We can only confirm the report that has been posted on SV blog that Goldentime Vienna has changed the pricing of their services. From 2019.09.09, the saunaclub runs according to the new prices.

If you want to visit GT in the near future, then it is important to get yourself updated. In this article, we will inform you about all the changes that await you so that it won’t be an unpleasant surprise.

Yes, you have read that right. The prices have gotten higher. Let’s get into the details and compare the old pricing to the new one so that you can see the difference.

How Much More Expensive is Goldentime Vienna Now?

We are going to go through the services offered by Goldentime Saunaclub and compare the prices for each one of them. First off, let’s see how much more you have to pay if you want a session with a girl:

  • A half-hour session with a sex worker now costs 70€ instead of 60€
  • The price of the one-hour session changed from 140€ to 120€

The extra services in GT also became a bit more expensive:

  • Each girl you want for a Lesbian show now costs 70€, it costed 60€ before
  • For a CIM (cum in mouth) you have to pay 70€ instead of 60€
  • The price of Anal sex has also gone up, now it costs 140€ and it costed 120€ previously

The entry fee has also changed but it only affects the women working in Goldentime Vienna:

  • Sex workers now have to pay 80€ entry fee which was 70€ previously
  • You will still pay the usual 90€ entry fee as a guest

The VIP room is another thing that costs more from now on. Pretty much everything costs 10-20€ more marginally. In addition, there are no more “premium services”. The girls got used to offer specific services like a half-hour session with kissing that included oral without condom for 100€.

They are not allowed to do it anymore. If a girls offers such services anyway, guests are free to complain to the staff. From now on, sex workers who keep doing it will eventually get kicked out of Goldentime. It is pretty harsh but that’s the new rule.

Goldentime Vienna Pool

Does This Change Affect the Girls?

In fact, the sex workers at the saunaclub are pretty worried since the new prices have come into effect. After all, it wasn’t their decision. The whole thing was planned out and executed by the management.

The ladies working at Goldentime are afraid that a lot of regular clients will start to prioritize other places thanks to the new prices. On the other hand, they had a way to earn some extra money before the prices changed.

They took advantage of Asian customers who were easy to trick into some “premium service”. With the new rule, GT is now safer for tourists but the situation is definitely not bright for the girls.


Except these changes, Goldentime Vienna remains the same place as before. It is up to you to decide whether the prices are too high now compared to the standards of the place and the service you get.

Goldentime preventing the girls from fabricating their own upsells is actually a good thing. Now there is no way for them to exploit clients whether they are tourists or not. These changes might also cause the girls to start working elsewhere but hopefully it wont happen.

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