Multiple studios closed after Police raid in Vienna

According to recent sources, the Viennese Police department has conducted a raid on several studios in the city this Thursday night. A couple of these illegally operating places have been shut down after the Police raid in Vienna. Apparently, the studios that were closed didn’t actually have an owner that could take the responsibility of operating an illegal sexbar. If you wish to learn more, be sure to read the full article below!

The closed studios had no operator

There’s a new tactic that is used by people who are opening illegally working studios in Vienna. Some people have started abusing a flaw in the justice system, as they are able to open a studio under a non-existing alias. In case an inspector finds hygienic or any other problems with the studio, they send out a fine. However, the fines are never paid and once they have accumulated enough, the operator just changes the papers. There is no one to take the blame and to pay the fines. The prostitutes get the keys to the studio and they work there, while the people who are backing the operation continue to collect the money.

The police operation was a success

According to Wolfgang Langer from the Department of Prostitution Issues, there were 10 studios closed that night, eight of which didn’t have an operator. There were also some studios that had holes in the walls, mold in the bathroom and other hygienic issues. The Police mainly targeted smaller studios where Romanian, Hungarian and Bulgarian women worked. According to the report, all of the women had their papers and they were working legally. However, four of the ladies who worked in these studios were pregnant.


More and more studios are being opened and operated by using fake papers and aliases. Even though there are regular inspections checking all of these establishments, the fines are never paid. In case the studio gets closed, there is no one to blame and usually everybody goes unpunished. The Viennese Police is actively seeking for a solution that can prevent this exploit from happening.

If you’re interested in reading more about this police raid in Vienna, be sure to check out the original German article that we based our post on. Take a look at the article on by following the link!

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