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No More Taxi Scams since Eve Bar Closed

Very few brothels are as evil as Eve bar. Over the past few years, they were scamming unwary, drunken and wealthy looking tourists. Not only were the tourists scammed heavily, but they didn’t have a session they could remember. They just had to leave most of their money there and leave unsatisfied.

Thankfully, Eve Bar is up for sale now. The place closed and it took all of its shady tactics along with it. All that remains is its memory and the numerous complaints people wrote online.

Eve Bar’s Taxi Scam

The classical route for a foreign pouter is to just jump into a taxi and ask the driver to take him somewhere special. He’s looking to have a good time with one of the finest girls in Vienna and he’s willing to pay for it. Eve Bar’s owners knew this, so they paid a hefty commission to numerous taxi drivers to take these tourists to their doorstep.

When they arrived they had to pay a 65€ commission just to enter. Eve bar wasn’t shy to ask for more if there’s some sort of special event. A drunk tourist who’s looking to have sex doesn’t mind paying that amount as long as the service is good. But as it turns out, it didn’t even come close to the quality most sex bars offer.

The girls there were lackluster and didn’t even act like they were looking to please their guests. They did, however, surprise them with an insanely large bill before they left. It was a good deal for everyone involved, except for the clients.

How this Scam Could Go On

We’re living in the age of the internet and just about every business has an online presence. However, Eve bar didn’t. It did its best to hide from critics and anyone who would expose the numerous shady tactics. Nobody knew much about the place until they were taken to its doorsteps on a shady night.

Regardless, most people who got caught in the scam and were active on pouter forums had something to write about it. There were numerous blog posts and forum posts, reporting the scam, but very few people took note of them. This post, for example, covered Eve Bar’s taxi scam perfectly.

Of course, the word got out eventually and Eve Bar closed as a result. But it would be still luring unsuspecting tourists through its doors if it wasn’t for that. Eve bar wasn’t shy to give dissatisfying services and ask for a great deal of money for them. As long as the taxi drivers helped, the scamming could go on.

Shady Business in Other Viennese Sex Bars

Eve Bar isn’t the only sex bar in Vienna to scam its visitors, but it is one of the evilest ones. It’s the perfect example of what the sex business isn’t about. It’s not about how you can get the most money with the least amount of value provided. The sex business about providing a service that people really enjoy. Tricking and scamming was never a sustainable business model, nor will it ever be. But some establishments still try.

Numerous brothels have been reported to do credit card scams or give irrationally large bills for non-existent services. You should always be alert whenever you’re visiting a sex bar because someone is always looking for unwary pouters.

There are numerous blogs like ours (SexClubWien, for example) and even more forums where you can find relevant information about the sex bar you’re looking to visit. Read as much about them as possible, so that you’re not met with any unpleasant surprises.


It always puts us at ease to know that the Viennese sex scene became a lot safer. Eve Bar had it coming for a while and justice was finally served. We should all learn from its lesson, keep our eyes peeled for scammers in the future and warn our fellow posters about them.

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