Robert Kraft is involved in a sex trafficking investigation
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Robert Kraft is involved in a sex trafficking investigation

Robert Kraft, an old friend of President Trump faces charges connected to prostitution. The man, who is also the owner of the New England Patriots, was one of 25 people facing charges in the incident. Daniel Kerr, the Jupiter Police Chief stated this investigation centers around the possibility of victims of human trafficking. Kraft’s spokesperson denied all the accusations, saying that all this scandal has the purpose to destroy Robert Kraft’s image. Read the whole article to find out more!

Donald Trump is confused by the situation

Donald Trump was astounded that Kraft was accused just for visiting a sleazy massage parlor in Florida. The president also mentioned he believes in his friend’s innocence. Trump was also the person who said that Bill O’Reilly is a “good person”, although he was accused of sexual harassment. Another significant factor is that commercial sex is illegal in Florida and Kraft may have serious problems if the authorities find him guilty.

In addition, it’s rumored that numerous foreign women were working as prostitutes in different sex bars and brothels that were operating as spa centers and massage parlors. The Orchids of Asia Day Spa was surveilled by the police. In one week, Kraft was recorded two times. One of NFL’s most powerful owners faces up to one year in prison, 100 hours of community service and a $5,000 fine. The majority of the sex-workers came from China. They were promised a decent job, but they faced a hard reality. It is estimated that in a year, the girls used to have sexual relations with more than 1000 men. According to some sources, it is believed that the illegal sex bars and brothels in Miami have a direct connection with different groups from China that are in charge of girls’ recruiting.

Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft pleads not guilty to prostitution charges

Kraft, who is one of the most important people from NFL has pleaded not guilty according to court documents released on Thursday. Jack Goldberger, the defense attorney has requested a non-jury trial. The plea was submitted to the Palm Beach County Court, on Wednesday. William Burck is another high-powered attorney who tries to prepare a defense strategy.

Bruck is known for his strong friendship with Kavanaugh. Both of them worked together during George W. Bush’s administration. It is important to mention that neither Robert Kraft nor the other persons charged have been accused of human trafficking. The billionaire is accused of soliciting sexual services.

Robert Kraft faces charges connected to prostitution.

Robert Kraft pleads not guilty to prostitution charges


Patriots owner Robert Kraft has serious problems and his case triggered a national debate. He is currently scheduled to be arraigned on March 27 and everyone is curious to see how this will end. The Court is seeking a complete understanding of the situation and we are sure the judges will take the necessary measures based on facts.

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