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Why Men Spend $10 000 To Be Financially Dominated

I’m telling you nothing new when I talk about the fact that we’re living in a strange world. The strange fetishes you maybe come across in a sex bar are nothing new to what I’m about to tell you. It’s a new form of dystopian fetish called financial domination. Guys are just throwing their money away for basically nothing and filling the wallets of some woman on the internet. Some blow away $10 000 through one night. Imagine what could you do with that much in a sex bar! You’d be bathing in pussy for a year.

Yet financial domination has been steadily gaining popularity on the internet. Men enjoying a woman in latex talking down to them and whipping them is nothing new. BDSM fetishes have been around for quite some time but it has taken on a strange form this time. Financial dominatrixes are draining wallets all over the world and they make a good living off it with very little work. The most popular website for financial dominatrixes is Fimdoms.com, where you can find plenty of interesting advertisements.

Here is one for example: “I will do nothing but humiliate you and drain your wallet because I don’t give a shit about you. I can spend in a day what you’ve worked hard for an entire week. Then you’ll finally feel pleasure because you’ll know you’ve served your only purpose, your one, and only mistress.” So, why the fuck would anyone buy into this you ask? Good question. These women are professionals in getting unreasonable amounts of money for humiliating men. All this doesn’t make much sense, right? Why would someone get off from being humiliated and having his bank account drained? That’s what we’re here to find out today! So stick around and see where we go with it.

Surrendering Heaps of Cash

More men are searching for a financial dominatrix on the internet every month. They will surrender hundreds and thousands of dollars and get almost nothing in return. Compared to that, even the most pricey sex bar seems pretty fair. But some guys would rather spend their money on a financial dominatrix they only see on their monitor.

They willingly submit themselves to this special form of pain.All this has created a solid foundation for the financial domination industry, with more and more girls entering. Just about anyone can go online and call themselves a femdom expert. A woman called Maitresse Madeline provides a perfect example of this. She is the queen tich of findoms.com and makes hundreds of dollars in a few minutes. She is a professional in fucking with people’s minds and draining their wallets. That’s the essence of financial domination. Understanding him, knowing where he comes from and fucking his mind until he can handle no more.

Quick Fact: One time Maitresse Madeline has made $42 000 in a single session, from an Australian guy she never met. Heres the article about it: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2014/01/09/maitresse-madeline-webcam_n_4566373.html

Though it takes Madeline an hour to make as much money as you and I do in a day, she has worked for it. Sure, she basically gets money for nothing, but it took her about 10 years to establish her persona. Still, she still makes thousands each week, just by talking down to random guys on the internet.

She has also mentored other financial dominatrixes who have their own cash slaves all over the world. These guys send them hundreds of dollars every month and buy them stuff they want. Some of them got a new camera, a new laptop, and just about anything they wanted. All they have to do is ask and humiliate the guy who gives them the money, which is pretty fucked up.

What Makes The Guys Get Off?

Professional femdoms say that financial domination is the ultimate exchange of power. Men in our society are raised as if their only role in life is to make money and gain control through money. Giving up control often has a euphoric effect on the person doing it. If they give up that insane amount of money to someone who seemingly has control over them, they experience the same effect.They experience euphoria once they just threw thousands of dollars away at something meaningless as a BDSM session.

A sexy financial dominatrix.

Some guys even take it to the next level, giving the pin to their bank account to the financial dominatrix and asking her to budget for them. That’s when they reach the climax of financial domination. They find excitement in having someone making their lives just a little harder for them.


Even though in men just give up large amounts of money to women who give them nothing in return, where they come from makes it more acceptable. If we look at the sense of freedom and liberation one experiences once they give up control, it’s somewhat understandable that they crave something like financial domination. For someone so fixated on control as men in our society is raised to be, it’s understandable that they seek every means necessary to experience even just a bit of relief. If you want to see a documentary about the financial domination experience, check the one VICE made. It’s really awesome!

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