Avoid These 3 Traps in the Vienna Sex Scene

Looking forward to have an awesome night out in Vienna? Then we encourage you to stop for a second and read this post. There are certain shady tactics you need to be aware of before you go to that one sexclub you are about to visit.

There are still plenty of clubs, studios, and other establishments that keep the negative trends alive trying to get extra money out of your pocket. Believe us, you definitely don’t want to have one of those unpleasant sessions.

The tactics we are about to share with you are having a tremendous negative impact on the Vienna sex scene. Let’s find out what those tactics are exactly!

1. Extra Services Being Way Overpriced in Numerous Establishments

Some clubs and studios in Vienna are not shy at all to set unreasonably high prices to their extra services. One of the places that keep this negative trend alive is Residenz Studio. They have recently updated their list of extra services and we were more than surprised to see them.

Besides the normal hourly rate, extras are going to make every session very costly for you in that studio. If you want kissing to be included, for example, it will cost you 20 euros. That is one of the cheapest extras, as deepthroat and cum in mouth cost 50 euros, while you need to pay 100 euros extra for anal.

If you want any of those, then you are looking forward to an expensive session on top of the hourly cost. This is why we recommend you to avoid these adult entertainment venues altogether and find some better options. 

2. Online Platforms Showing Fake Photos

You better keep an eye out for this trend as well, as it is till prevalent among independently working women. Unfortunately, this was also the case many years ago. There are many profiles online that use fake or manipulated photos to deceive their clients.

This is characteristic to online platforms that either don’t have an editorial team or they are not good at spotting these fake profiles. As a result, they are not filtered out, allowing the ladies to upload basically any photo they want.

We know that once you see an attractive girl online, it becomes tempting to book her right away. However, be careful because you can end up with a completely different girl at the end. Do yourself a favor and think twice before finalizing your booking.

Fortunately, this is not something that you see often from studios and club that have a serious owner. It is more popular among girls who work independently. 

3. Ladies Trying to Get Your Private Phone Number

Don’t fall for any girl who is asking for your private number, no matter how hot she is. She is not going to be your “friends with benefits” or anything like that. This negative trend is prevalent in adult entertainment venues such as bars, studios, and clubs.

You meet the girl, you might have a great time with her, and then she eagerly asks for your number. That’s when you need to be strong and say no right away. Otherwise, these clubs in Vienna can backfire at you very quickly. Here are the main risks:

  • The girl who has your number is going to consider you as her ATM in hopes for more money.
  • She is going to share it with the other girls in the establishment who will also bother you. Even worse, it is going to end up in the phone of a pimp.
  • She is going to threaten you to pay ransom. There were many cases like that where the police was also involved.

It is Important to Stay Safe from These Shady Tactics

The above listed trends can potentially ruin your night out in Vienna. We strongly encourage you to avoid them at all costs. In case you are not that familiar with the clubs and bars in the city, then you were lucky to read this blog post. Unfortunately, many inexperienced gentlemen fall into these traps.

Now you have the luxury to avoid all this stress and headache. Do yourself a favor and pick a place where you can lightheartedly spend your money, and not too much of it. We hope you are going to have a great time in Vienna.

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