Police Shut Down Illegal Brothel in Tyrol

A big move against illegal activities happened in Tyrol. The police found an illegal brothel during searches at a table-dance club and a nearby building. It seems that mainly women, working as sex workers, were being taken advantage of.

For a few months, the police had been watching a group of three people, including an Austrian (51), a Turkish person (57), and a Spaniard (34). The action finally took place early on a Thursday.

Ordered Searches

Following the court’s orders, the police searched a table-dance club and a nearby building in Tyrol. The financial police were also there during the checks. The exact place wasn’t shared by the police, but it’s believed to be in Kirchbichl according to “Krone” information.

The group is accused of using women from the table-dance club in Tyrol for their gain over many months. The investigators think these women were also involved in illegal prostitution, happening both in the club and a nearby house.

According to what they found so far, the women working illegally had to give half of their earnings to the people exploiting them.

During the searches, the police took away “many pieces of evidence, a bit of drugs, and thousands of euros in cash.” They also closed down the illegal brothel. In the nearby building, two Serbians who were in Austria illegally with fake documents were caught.

In the end, four suspects and four victims were talked to by the police. The accused people didn’t admit to the allegations of exploiting others and were let go while the investigation continues.

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