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Have a Brief Look Inside Vienna’s Briefl Sex History

Vienna is a wonderful place to spend your time in. But why are so many people attracted to it? Is it just because it was the cultural capital of Europe? Or maybe because of the Mariahilfer Straße? What about the wonderful white horses? Let’s get real, it’s because of the city’s sex culture. Because everyone loves to bathe in pleasures and visit a good brothel every now and then.

Sex has its roots deep in Vienna’s culture. It also has a strong presence in the rest of central Europe. Egon Schiele’s out of this world nude paintings, Gustav Klimt’s sensuous portraits and Sigmund Freud’s commentaries are all there to stand for it.

These names aren’t the only ones who have contributed a great deal to Vienna’s sex culture. Their preoccupation has changed the way people see this city’s culture and sex in general.

When Sex in Vienna Really Started to Take Off

Wien Museum’s popular exhibition Sex In Vienna was a huge success. It was open until January 22, 2017, and got thousands of visitors. It showed off every detail of Vienna’s sex culture, like pornography, prostitution, pick-up materials and so on. You could even see the potted history of contraception. Those who were interested could also find the very first accounts of gay and lesbian life in the city.

One detail really stuck with me though. It was the fact that until 1920 every apartment block in Vienna had a special attendant. His job was to check in on the residents every day, to see if they arrived at home before 10 pm. If they didn’t other people would gossip about them. It’s no wonder that the Viennese society was so repressed for so long.

Schiele’s Nude Arts Were Wild

Schiele’s paintings were one of a kind. He painted very bizarre pictures of the emotional landscapes of lust. His images were pretty twisted and colorful, which is why people can’t help but be attracted to them. You can find the biggest collection of his work in the Leopold Museum in Vienna. It will feel like a doorway to a weird sexy dimension.

Most people find Schiele’s work bizarre, obscene and gritty, but rightly so. Even I was weirded out by them and I’ve seen a lot. For this reason, he wasn’t fully recognized as the amazing painter he was during his time. He became famous when Rudolf Leopold started collecting his works in 1950. Which is how Schiele’s exhibition came to be in the Leopold Museum.

Freud’s Dirty Literature

Sigmund Freud wrote Essays On The Theory of Sexuality (1905) in his apartment in Vienna’s Bergasse. It is now the Sigmund Freud museum that you can visit to see his work. Some of his greatest works were written there. Plenty of them was really dirty, so they’ll definitely get your mind twisting when you read them.

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