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Beverly Hills Club has a New Bitcoin Machine

Even though the Beverly Hills Club is one of the oldest gentlemen’s clubs in Vienna, it moves on with the times. This strip club is among the first ones to introduce Bitcoin exchange. Now, clients can convert Euros to Bitcoins with the bitcoin machine in the club. It’s the same as withdrawing money from an ATM. However, clients still can’t pay with bitcoin in the Beverly Hills Club.

Why does this Strip Club have a Bitcoin Machine?

Bitcoin has been gaining a solid ground over the years and more people are accepting it as a legitimate currency. It’s also becoming accepted in more shops, restaurants, and other establishments every year. Ever since the price of a single Bitcoin went up to 13 800 euros, everyone’s been talking about Bitcoin. People want to invest in it since it can generate a massive profit overnight. But you can also lose an insane amount of money with it too.

This gave most Austrians a reason to look it up. A recent study has shown that 79% of Austrians know what Bitcoin is or at least heard of cryptocurrencies. This gives most Austrian businesses a good reason to adopt Bitcoin as it could attract new customers. Furthermore, this percentage rate is a lot smaller in all the other 15 countries that were surveyed.


It’s truly remarkable that one of the oldest strip clubs in the city is trying to implement a new technology. It’s definitely appealing to their customers as well, but it’s not particularly beneficial for the establishment. We cannot know how much the Bitcoin Machine will be used though. That depends on how cryptocurrencies will influence Vienna in the future.

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