Vienna Sex Bar Reviews

Okaybar Isn’t Just Okay Its The Perfect Place to Have Sex!

Okaybar is located in the Gürtel area in Vienna. The sex bar is small with only 4-5 tables and 4-5 seats at the bar, but clean and nice, though a bit boring and the TV screen showing porn scenes is probably meant to distract attention from it. The rooms are also good and clean.

The bar is clean and nice. There is a TV screen with porn movies for the entertainment of the guests. The rooms are nice and spacey,

Taxi drivers are paid a lot to bring clients to Okaybar which is probably one of the reasons for the high prices.

The sex bar has a website but the girls you see on it and on the many ads they have are usually not there for long so the ads and images on the website are often out of date.

Recently Okaybar management tried to attract more people with promotions like half price on Mondays and cheaper prices during the summer months in general.

The girls who work there, are usually pretty and you will hardly see ugly ones. They are mostly well-instructed and always good in the room which is also good and clean.

Okaybar can be a good experience but too expensive as well.

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