Vienna Sex Bar Reviews

A Short Review Of Natasha’s Gentlemen Club

Natasha’s Gentlemen Club is Vienna owned by a couple from Tyrol and since it’s a family business this sex club has a private atmosphere. The interior is very nice and deserves to be called Gentlemen Club.

The girls who work there, are mainly from Austria and Hungary and available at quite good price. The club can be found far from the centre in an industrial area, therefore it’s not too easy to find the way to the spot, so they usually don’t have many customers.

The lack of relevant online presence also reduces the chance to attract more visitors. The existing clientele is probably those who have some previous information about the club, as there are no indicating signs on the way to the sex bar.

The club usually opens in the early afternoon hours, but unfortunately, the closing hour is also very early usually a bit after midnight, at 1 or 2 am.

All in all Natasha’s Gentlemen Club is a pretty and cheap place but only recommended for those who can devote some time to find it, which can be problematic even with having technical help, such as a GPS.

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