Why Vienna is One Of Europe’s Most Amazing Cities

Today, Vienna is one of the most exciting cities in Europe. The long history of approximately 2500 years makes Austria’s capital a popular destination for foreign tourists, coming not only from other European countries but also from America or Asia.

Vienna is definitely a cultural center of Europe. The city was a very important part of several world-famous classic musicians, such as Mozart, Beethoven, Johann Strauss, Franz Schubert, Franz Liszt and many more. Opera is also very popular. Many opera houses are open to the public looking for this kind of musical entertainment. Viennese theatres and museums have several attractions for visitors interested in arts.

Viennese architecture is famous for Otto Wagner, Adolf Loos or Friedensreich Hundertwasser who planned and built the most famous buildings of the city. Some of them have even been designated to be parts of the world cultural heritage. The most important architectural sights attracting the most tourists are the imperial palaces, Schönbrunn and Hofburg.

Vienna also had given culinary specialties to the world. The best-known one probably is Wiener Schnitzel made of veal or pork. Wide selection of traditional Viennese sausages is also offered and the most delicious ones can probably be bought at street vendors. Amongst the sweets, the popular cake, Sachertorte has the great reputation in Europe. As for the drinks, wines and beers are the most important beverage products of the city.

Cafes of Vienna are also considered to be unique in Europe and many other cities had tried to copy them unsuccessfully. The coffee culture in the city allegedly dates back to the time of the Turk invaders.

The Austrian capital is famous for the sports too. Different sporting events are held regularly, be it football, volleyball, ice hockey, rugby. The Vienna City Marathon is amongst the biggest ones in Europe having approximately 10,000 participants every year.

Another aspect why Vienna is so popular destination excepting the historical sights is that prostitution is generally legal all over Austria. The city is home to numerous sex bars in different categories. The opportunities for the guests look for sex destinations are various including peepshows, nightclubs, sauna clubs or laufhauses that are unique in Austria and Germany.


The girls who want to work in the Viennese sex industry are obliged to go through regular health checkups. Therefore their clients can have much safer sex here than in other cities where sex workers are not accepted legally.

As Vienna is a really spectacular and exciting city, it can be the great destination for travelers, whatever they want to spend their time with.

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