Vienna Sex Bar Reviews

What Kind of Awesome Services You Can Get at Kontaktcafé

One of the Viennese sex bars named Kontaktcafe can be found in a district which is not among the nicest parts of the city. You can visit there between 8 pm and 5 am if you looking for cheap sex. The low prices are set up for both the drinks and rooms, though obviously, you shouldn’t expect a very good standard for these prices.

The girls are not too intellectual and mostly average looking or uglier and you hardly have the chance to find real beauties, great stunners. Maybe if you are lucky enough being there at the right time, you may find 1 or 2 nice babes but most of the times you have to be satisfied with the not too pretty chicks who work at this sex bar. Communication also can be hard because of the lack of good English skills of the girls who are not always very kind and also not instructed enough how to behave with clients.

The major part of the clientele is Balkanese and the place has nothing to do with gentlemen. The prices are low. The drinks can be bought even for a few Euros, however, when you invite girls to drink together with you, the prices go higher as their company is included.

Pole dance is a part of the show. Some girls are good at this, but generally, the performance is not exciting. The private rooms where you can hide with the girls are not too nice, but dark and small and in some of them, you won’t have the opportunity to take a shower.

Kontakcafe is not the right sexbar for clients who want high standard service, rather for those who have the low budget to spend on sex.

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