Vienna Sex Bar Reviews

Why Ellys Bar Is The Coolest Old Fashioned Shappy Sex Bar in Vienna

There are too many sex bars in the second district of Vienna, where this place can be found and all of them have the same standard which is not too high, rather old-fashioned and shabby.

The ownership of Ellis Bar is the same as Kerstin Bar’s and the girls move between the two places if it is necessary. The two sex bars are only 200 meters away from each other, but Ellis Bar is located in a more exposed street. The bar area is small and although a bit lighter than Kerstin Bar, the interior is nothing special.

There is no serious website if you manage to find something related to the bar it will probably not be up-to-date.

The service of the waiter, who worked the night where I was there, was not really good. I felt him a bit impolite.

Usually, there are 4-7 girls work there, but real stunners rarely can be found. They wait for the clients by the door and open it for them.

The prices are similar or same as there are in Kerstin Bar, so quite cheap, but there is no real good chance to find pretty girls to spend time with.

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