Vienna Sex Bar Reviews

The Romantic Bar Awaits You in Vienna’s Fifth District

Romantic Bar is a very small sex bar in the fifth district of Vienna. It is open between the afternoon and the early morning hours, usually, it closes at 4 am. There is no stage and dancing girls. The bar has merely 4 or 5 tables and maybe 4 or 5 bar chairs to sit on the bar. The main colors of the interior are red and black. The lights are bright and never dimmed.

Both the bar personnel and the girls are well mannered and friendly. You can find quite many girls, sometimes between 15 and 30, whose nationality is mostly Hungarian, Romanian or Austrian.

As far as a web presence is concerned, the website is really simple and not up to date. Their guests mostly consist of working people. It is not really a place where you can find business people or real gentlemen for that matter.

The secret to Romantic Bar‘s ongoing success is their cheap prices and the reputation of always having a huge amount of girls. This helped them to build a long list of regular clients.

The bar area is very open, the only possibility to hide is retiring in the rooms. Some of them are small while other ones are medium sized. A romantic bar is basically a clean place however the enterieur may be a bit run down at times.

Both the drinks and rooms are cheap. The favorite drink of the girls is Sekt. The rooms cost between €110 and 190.

The girls are most of the times average and no real stunners, though sometimes a really pretty one also can be found, for example, once a previous Maxim girl went to work in Romantic Bar.

Romantic Bar is a nice and cheap place and can be the good experience for a memorable night.

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