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Sex Bar Maxim Wien Review

Maxim Wien is one of the best known and most prestigious sex bars in Vienna. In this review, we will cover all aspects of this place, trying to answer the question, why this bar is on the top of Vienna sex scene for decades.


Location – this is the best area of Vienna

Maxim Wien is located at Kärntner Straße 61, in the first district of Vienna (phone number: +4369917172031). This is one of the safest and cleanest places in the city, the absolute downtown area. You can find a lot of prestigious buildings nearby, including the Vienna State Opera or the Museum of Fine Arts.

The bar can be easily accessed via public transport, there is a metro station nearby the club and a tram and a few bus stops as well.

Basic info about the bar

Maxim Wien is a sex bar where you can enjoy striptease and lap dance, and choose the girls for having sex in one of the rooms. This is a so-called “try before buy” solution where you can watch the girls on stage, have a chit-chat with them and once the chemistry is built up, you can proceed with the room.

The bar is open every day, between 8 pm and 5 am. The place introduced a EUR 20 entry fee in December 2023 in order to eliminate those groups which quickly visit the place and leave without doing anything, meanwhile disturbing the guests’ entertainment. For the entry fee, the bar gives a EUR 10 discount and Maxim Dollars (for EUR 3), which can be used then for tipping the girls.

There is not a strict dress code in Maxim Wien, you can visit it in casual dress. Maxim is often called an all-in-one sex bar because it offers sex in the club, striptease, and escort services as well.

The bar has a good reputation among the local punters and international guests as well. Most of the international sex forums have long topics about Maxim Wien, and you can find a lot of positive reviews on review portals.

Interior – classy and convenient bar area and well-equipped rooms

You can enter the Maxim Wien bar from the Kärtner Strasse, the bar has got a brand new entrance in February 2024. A new outdoor display shows the infotainment and the entrance was also modernized.

You can go down to the bar area on stairs, where you can find big and convenient couches and a long bar counter with waiters. The area has a few strip poles and a stage, where the girls often show themselves to the guests. However, the striptease and pole dance is not the main attraction of the bar, as they just serve as a warm-up before sex. Paid table dance with touching can be booked, even if you don’t want to continue in any of the rooms.

There are different kinds of rooms in Maxim, including VIP, BDSM, and whirlpool rooms as well. The prices vary, the better rooms are more expensive:

  • Normal room: EUR 170 for half an hour, EUR 220 for one hour
  • VIP room: EUR 300 for one hour
  • BDSM room: EUR 400 for one hour

Maxim Wien is a guest-safe place where there are no upsells or rip-offs, and the management is available in case of any arguments or debate. The guests can enjoy their night in peace and without any disturbance, and have a conversation with the selected girls at their own pace.

Top notch spirits and champagnes

Maxim Wien has a huge list of top-notch spirits, including vodkas, gins, rums, V.S.O.P.s, whiskeys, etc. You can find the spirit list here.

The bar also has an impressive Champagne selection, with brands like Louis Roederer, Moët & Chandon, Veuve Clicquot, Krug, Dom Pérignon, Armand de Brignac, and more. You can check the champagne card of Maxim Wien here.

There is no mandatory consuming for the guests in the bar, however, it is common that the guests buy one or more drinks for the girls before continuing with them in the rooms.

More than 20-25 girls in the line-up

Maxim Wien has a strong line-up, the Maxim Girls are considered one of the best in Vienna. There are not too many places which can offer more than 20-25 girls in most periods of the year, including the weaker first months of the years.

You won’t find girls in the bar who are not speaking English or German language, as one of them is a must-have when applying to the place. However, most of the girls are speaking both languages at least, and some of them speak Italian, Spanish, or other languages.

Maxim girls
Few of the 20+ Maxim Girls, privacy blur by

As most of the sex workers in Vienna, the Maxim Girls are from Romania and Bulgaria, with a few Hungarian girls. But this sex bar also has Austrian sex workers as well, so if you do not prefer the Romanian girls, you will still find companionship for yourself.

The Girls are beautiful, flexible, good conversationalists – Maxim Wien is able to hire the best of the best girls, as it gets new applications continuously. It often happens, then if a Girl leaves the club to try other kinds of clubs or another European city, she returns to Maxim after a while. This behavior indicates that this sex bar is a place where it is worth to work.

Bachelor, birthday and divorce parties

Maxim Wien offers special parties, including bachelor parties, birthday parties, and divorce parties in Vienna. The groups can book their party by discussing the details with the management, and there are different kinds of discounts for such events as well. The more people participate in the party, the more discounts and extras Maxim Wien provides.

The place is considered an ideal party venue, as the Girls can be booked for sex and there are a lot of top-notch spirits and champagnes for drinks. The good location in the city center also helps the groups to have fun easier.

High-class escort service

Sex bar Maxim Wien has its own escort agency, it is called Escort Girls Vienna. With it, Maxim offers escort service in Vienna.

The Maxim Girls can be booked on the Maxim Wien website, on the Escort Girls Vienna website and can be asked for outcall in the club as well. In case you want to continue with the girl outside of the club, it is worth asking her.

For escort, 2 hours is a minimum. The prices are:

  • 2 hours – EUR 500
  • 3 hours – EUR 700
  • 4 hours – EUR 900
  • 5 hours – EUR 1100

The Maxim Girls can be booked for hotel escort only, no house escort is allowed.

Continuously updated website with real photos of the girls

Maxim Wien started its online presence a long time ago, and it has a continuously updated website where almost all girls of the line-up can be seen. You can find the girls’ availability as well, as the management updates it every day on the website.

The girls have their own profile page on the club website where you can read their details, services and check their pictures. All pictures are real on the website, Photoshop or other editing is not allowed. The sex bar has its own photographer who makes new photos about the girls on a regular basis.

one of the Maxim Girl profiles

The bar has an informative blog section on the site where you can read news about the place, girl updates, and other kinds of useful information.

Maxim Wien on social media

Maxim Wien is strong on social media. It has a very good Facebook and Instagram profile, as well as a Twitter info page. These social media platforms are the main interfaces to get news from the club, including promotions, girl updates, opening time changes during the winter holiday, etc:

This sex bar has a useful newsletter as well, if you subscribe to it then you will get frequent girl updates and other news.

Maxim Wien on Instagram
Maxim Wien on Instagram

Maxim Wien has a high trust on all of the review sites, as a reputable sex bar with high-class girls and professional management.


If you are looking for a high-class sex bar in Vienna, then Maxim Wien is a must-visit place. You can get a top-notch line-up of girls even in the weakest periods of the year, you can avoid upsells and rip-offs and focus exclusively on the entertaining.

Maxim Wien is also one of the last all-in-one bars, where you can enjoy the striptease and pole dance, have good spirits or champagnes and have sex in clean and well-equipped rooms. In case you prefer escort in your hotel room, then you can book the Maxim Girls from your website or take one or more with them from your visit to the bar.

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