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Vienna sex scene overview 2021

Although the paysex scene is going through some rough times thanks to the Coronavirus regulations, there is still a lot happening. The demand is still there for paid sexual services and it has to be satisfied one way or another. Unfortunately, the current situation gave rise to various illegal activities that are hard to keep under control.

Sex workers are barely making ends meet and they have no other choice but to rely on some sort of support or start working illegally. Meanwhile, brothels are either going bankrupt or are hanging by a thread, waiting for something to change.

Besides the bad news in the Covid-19 category, we have some pretty interesting stories to share with you that happened recently. Without further ado, let’s see what happened exactly in the paysex scene in the past couple of months.

Vienna – Intense Pimping Trial between Two Venezuelan Miss Candidates

It just so happened that Vanessa (32), a Venezuelan Miss Candidate visited Vienna in the hopes of getting a decent job. Since she barely had any money, she asked her friend, Daniela (22) – who was also a Miss Candidate – if she can stay at her apartment.

Daniela lived with Ahmed at the time, who was also the owner of the place and allegedly didn’t know about the incident between them. According to Vanessa, Daniela tried to force her into prostitution, taking advantage of the fact that she was running out of money.

As the trial began, Vanessa’s story became more and more questionable. Find out how this story unfolded in great detail by reading the full Two Venezuelan Miss Candidates fight each other in court article on Sexclubwien.

Vienna – Sex Workers Trying their Best to Survive during Coronavirus

As a result of the Covid-19 regulations, many prostitutes have lost their jobs. As long as brothels, saunaclubs and sex clubs are forced to keep their doors shut, many of the ladies are struggling to make ends meet.

It was getting worse and worse until Shiva Prugger, activist and dominatrix has stepped up and founded Berufsvertretung Sexarbeit (BSÖ). Thanks to this new Sex Work Association, she was able to run a successful campaign and collect donations to help sex workers.

Read more about the current situation sex workers are in and what Prugger did to solve the problem on Sex-Vienna: Sex-workers are fighting for survival during the tough times of the Corona Virus crisis

Germany – Loverboy Tried to Force 21-Year-Old into Prostitution

Another typical loverboy story unfolded in Gemering, Germany where a 25-year-old guy tried to force his girlfriend into prostitution. He convinced the 21-year-old woman to settle down with him in Germany by promising her a high-paying job.

It turned out that her boyfriend wanted her to work at a sex club, which is when she realized that she is about to walk into the trap of a loverboy. From then on, things quickly went downhill between the two amd the court got involved as well.

If you want to find out more about this recent loverboy story, make sure to visit Sexclubwien and read the full article: Boyfriend tries to force his 21-year-old girlfriend into working in a sex club

Germany – Brothel Pascha Bought by Investor in Cologne

Many brothels are on the verge of bankruptcy as a direct result of the Covid-19 regulations. Some of them are still hanging by a thread, while others like the well-reputed Pascha have already gone bankrupt.

We had to say goodbye to Pascha in Cologne, Germany in the second half of last year and they didn’t plan on re-opening the place ever since. However, the establishment has been bought recently by an unknown investor.

Read more about what happened to Pascha after its bankruptcy on Sex-Vienna by clicking the link: Pascha in Germany, Cologne sold to new owner after bankruptcy

Vienna – 75-Year-Old Falls Victim of Robbery while Having Sex

A 75-year-old man has found a 25-30-year-old woman in a park in Wahring and invited her to his apartment. At first, this seemed like a great deal for the old man but not for long. A bit later, another woman entered the apartment who also let his guy friend in.

It turned out that the whole plan was to beat up the old man and take his money and valuables. After they did so, they immediately left and the victim called the cops. Now there is an investigation going on by the police and you can read the whole story in Sex-Vienna where the full article is published: 75-year-old attacked while having sex

Germany – Still Too Many Underage Victims of Human Trafficking

In Düsseldorf, Germany, the number of underage girls that fall victim to human trafficking is still sky high. The era of street prostitution seems to be gone, as renting out apartments is becoming increasingly prevalent.

As the result of the lockdown, brothels are not working, which means that a lot of woman turn to illegal means when it comes to prostitution. There is a complete lack of protection for underage victims and adult sex workers. This only makes it easier for human traffickers and pimps to exploit them.

If you want to read more on this matter, make sure to visit Sex-Vienna and read the full article there: Number of Underage Victims of Human Trafficking on the Rise

Vienna and Graz – The Number of Illegal Apartments Keeps Growing

Right now, the only legal way to work as a prostitute in Austria is to go through the required health checks and work as an escort girl. Although apartment visits are not allowed, the ladies can visit their clients. Unfortunately, this is not a reliable solution for many prostitutes out there.

Thousands of them have lost their jobs and the safety provided by the brothel they worked at. Many pimps take advantage of the situation and rent out apartments for the girls. An increasing number of women are working at illegal apartments and this caught the attention of the police as well.

Find out more about the current situation in the paysex scene by reading the full article on Sexclubwien: Illegal Apartments Rise in Numbers in Vienna and Graz

Vienna – A Whole Week of Police Raids on Illegal Apartments

As the Vienna Police Department found out, there were 171 advertisements about prostitutes offering their services in illegal apartments. With this information in hand, they started to organize raids from March 1st to March 7th.

As a result, dozens of illegal apartments got shut down. They have also imposed fines on the ladies and their landlords as well. While brothels are closed, the demand for paid sexual services is still there. However, the prostitutes are not going through any health checks and negative Covid-19 tests are not guaranteed either.

In the article posted by Sex-Vienna, you can read about this subject in great detail: Illegal Apartments Raided by the Police in Vienna

Vienna – Maxim with a Strong Lineup of Escort Girls during the Pandemic

For Maxim, it was never a choice to give up during these hard times. They are currently offering an outstanding lineup of escort girls for outcall. At first, they have posted about 5 super hot Maxim girls that can be booked on their site.

About a month later in the second half of March, 3 additional beauties have joined their escort lineup. They are available for booking around the clock with detailed profiles on the Maxim official website. To read more about each of the Maxim girls, check out the two articles posted by Sex-Vienna: These Girls are available for Escort at Maxim Wien, 3 New Girls are Available for Escort by Maxim Wien

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