Man accused of forced prostitution has ben acquitted of the charge

The 29-year-old man has been sentenced to one year and ten months of probation on different charges. He has been acquitted on the charge of forced prostitution. It has been believed that the man forced his then underage girlfriend to prostitute.

The man has also been sentenced to a period of four years of probation concerning his illegal substance use and he must start inpatient drug therapy within the following six months. Until he starts therapy, he will still have to report regularly to a drug counseling centre. While under probation, he will have to provide samples of his urine up to twelve times per year under strict supervision. If the tests indicate that the man has violated his probation, he will face time in prison.

However, for the forced prostitution charge pressed by the Offenburg public prosecutor’s office, the man has received a complete acquittal from the court. It was believed that the man forced his then underage girlfriend to have sexual intercourse with different men in exchange of money, money that the offender was withholding. It was alleged that the 29-year-old didn’t communicate the age of the young woman to the supposed customers. The alleged victim claimed that she had been mistreated and beaten by the offender.

The court was unable to verify the facts

According to Richter’s declarations, the court was unable to verify the facts of these accusations. The expert that was leading the investigation came to the conclusion that the victim was an unreliable witness based on the different versions of the story that she has been given to the authorities.

The defendant has been also accused of multiple bodily harm, resistance to arrest, possession and trafficking of large quantities of drugs, damage of property, theft, insults, death threats, driving without a driver license and running from the place of an accident. According to the authorities, everything is said to have happened between 2015 and 2019.

After the first therapy in 2019 there are no more acts of violence committed by the 29-year-old and the court doesn’t deems him as a danger anymore.


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