Venezuelan women lured and forced into prostitution

Venezuelan women lured and forced into prostitution in Vienna

It is already known that South America is one of the biggest sources of sex-workers. The population faces difficult economic conditions, so young women are easier fooled by the traffickers. Even some of the sex bars that are operating legally are involved in human trafficking scandals. Read the article below if you want to see the way traffickers force young Venezuelan girls to become sex-workers in Vienna.

The girls were promised a better life in Wien

Five persons (three women and two men) are suspected of having trafficked young persons from South America. The youngsters were exploited and forced to prostitute themselves. All the defendants are from Venezuela and they managed to attract a lot of vulnerable persons into the trap. The victims hoped for a better life, but they ended up being sex slaves or working in shady sex bars.

All of the girls were lured by the promise of having decent jobs. These fake promises are very common among human traffickers. In addition, a Venezuelan model was told that she can continue her modeling career, but she was forced to practice prostitution. All the women came to Europe with a three-month tourist visa. The flight tickets were paid, but the girls had to work in order to cover the travel expenses. According to the investigators, the girls had to pay a 50% tax from their income.

No rest breaks and 24/7 surveillance

Another intriguing fact is that sex workers didn’t even have a free day. A guard was watching them and he made sure they won’t go out. In addition, the girls were told that if they did not obey, nude pictures with them would be published. The main defendant admitted he recruited 12 girls, but he declared that none of those women were constrained to work as a prostitute. Defense attorneys have approached the situation from another point of view. They stated all the girls were aware of the job and decided to work every day with the purpose to increase their income.

The Venezuelan government needs to take action

It is considered that the Government of Venezuela doesn’t accomplish the minimum standards in order to eliminate human trafficking. More legislative changes regarding this aspect should be taken. Different groups that support trafficking victims consider the government should provide specialized services, such as comprehensive assistance, care for repatriated victims, collaborating with civil society organizations and much more. Another mentioned solution was that the traffickers should face harsher sentences.

The specialized authorities should be able to implement complex procedures to identify easier human trafficking victims among vulnerable populations. It is necessary for the Venezuelan government to make an anti-trafficking action plan to avoid the expansion of this phenomenon. Another aspect that needs to be mentioned is the Venezuelan law has failed to criminalize trafficking of men and boys if the perpetrators aren’t part of an organized criminal group. It is a certain fact that some legislative changes must be done in Venezuela.

No other Venezuelan women should get through this kind of situation
The Venezuelan prostitutes used to work 24/7


The traffickers are aware of the law’s breaches, so they will permanently start to exploit vulnerable persons. We all have to fight in order for human rights to be protected and respected. No one should get through this kind of situation because we are all at the same level and the disadvantaged populations have to be supported.

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