Everything that happened in Austrian sex bars, Spring 2019

There’s a lot that happened in Austria’s sex bars during the spring period in 2019. We have covered most of these happenings and posted news pieces about them. In this post, you will find a collection of every one of our posts that are related to Austria and specifically Vienna. Each entry will have a small summary, but if you wish to find out more about a certain story, you can click on the link that will take you to the full article.

There’s a lot more to read, so if you’re interested in everything that happened in Austrian sex bars during the spring in 2019 than continue reading this post!

Sexbar Maxim Wien reopening

Sexbar Maxim Wien has been closed due to renovation for a couple of months, but the club has recently been reopened. Apparently, the renovation has been completed and the sexbar is operational once again. According to our sources, most of the girls who have worked in Maxim before the renovations started haven’t moved on to another job and they have been waiting for the club’s reopening. The club’s management hasn’t made an official statement, but they have uploaded a banner to their website indicating that the club is working again.

Some of the Maxim ladies worked at Bar Schönbrunn while the club was being renovated. To see which Maxim girls were available in Bar Schönbrunn while the club was closed, be sure to read the full Sex Bar Vienna article by clicking on the following link: Maxim girls are currently found in Bar Schönbrunn until mid-March

Prostitute robs client after drugging him

This incident happened in an apartment that was used as a make-shift sex bar in Innsbruck, Austria. Apparently, the Bulgarian prostitute in question used knockout drops to incapacitate her clients and take a large sum of money from them. However, the blood test of the client did not indicate any traces of knockout drops in his blood. The police are unsure if the client was simply drunk or if the prostitute really did try to rob him.

If you wish to find further information about this story, be sure to read the full article by clicking on the following link: Prostitute robs client after drugging him

Prostitute drugs clients in Innsbruck, Austria and steals their money
Several men said they were unconscious for hours

New illegal brothels in Linz discovered every two weeks

Even though prostitution is legal and regulated in Austria, there are still sex bars and brothels that are operating illegally. In fact, a new illegal establishment appears almost every week. The local police in Linz have orchestrated an attack against these establishments to stop them from spreading. The illegally operating sex bars are being raided and clients and prostitutes alike are being fined. According to our sources, most of these illegally operating sex apartments have been booked through Airbnb, the online renting website.

You can read more about the news piece by checking out the complete Sex Bar Vienna blog post about it. Click on the link and start reading the entire story now!

Venezuelan women lured and forced into prostitution in Vienna

We have reported about a group of human traffickers who have been apprehended by the police. Our sources indicate that the group has forced many young girls from Venezuela to sell their bodies for money. Apparently, the girls were lured to Vienna with a promise of a better life and a good paying job. After getting into the country the girls are required to repay their travel expenses, so they are forced to have sex for money. It is also reported that the girls did not have any free time and that they had to work without breaks.

If you wish to read more about this story, be sure to take a look at the full post about Venezuelan women lured and forced into prostitution in Vienna by clicking the link!

Sibylle Rauch returns to the sex industry

After being voted out of the 2019 Dschungelcamp, Sibylle Rauch did an interview in which she said that she might be returning to the sex industry. According to the former porn star, she is poor and doesn’t have any money. This is the main reason why the adult actress is considering becoming a prostitute. Toni Polster, the coach of SC Wiener Viktoria offered to find some type of a job for Sibylle, so that she doesn’t have to sell her body again.

You can read the full story for further information about Sibylle Rauch and her return to the sex industry by following the link!

Client stabbed at a sexbar in Wolfsberg, Austria

A client was stabbed after a quarrel with a sex bar staff member in Wolfsberg, Austria. According to our sources, the bartender was drunk and the two men got into an argument in the establishment. After the bartender assaulted the client, another unknown man attacked the bartender and cut his face. Both the bartender and the client had to be hospitalized because of their injuries. Take a look at the full story if you require further information about what happened!

Parting words

There you have it; everything that happened in Austrian sex bars over the spring. Since Austria is such a busy country, there will be new information that we are going to cover here on our blog. So be sure to check back for the latest sex news related to Vienna and Austria.

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