Magaluf Sex Bar Scammed British Punters

The Spanish island Magaluf is the prime destination for many British tourists who are looking to let loose. They come to enjoy the island, good drinks, and a good sex bar. Punters love it because all of the above are inexpensive. They come here and enjoy an amazing vacation at a really low price. So it seemed thus far.

As it turns out, the British aren’t the only ones taking advantage of the situation. A sex bar called AKA became a trap for unaware British tourists. who fell victims to a credit card scam. Each of the unaware British tourists was charged with 2800 euros. They paid for services they didn’t use. These “services” cost 40 000 euros in total. Scams of this nature have happened quite a few times already.

Of course, this wouldn’t  go unnoticed without consequences, since these scams have been occurring on a regular basis. The authorities have already investigated the situation and took action.

How The Police Responded

The Spanish Police stated that the sex club owners took advantage of the drunk British tourists. The scammers took the opportunity to charge their credit cards with an extra fee. All, while they were enjoying the girl’s companies.

The two Romanian men are facing charges for credit card scams and theft, in Magaluf. The police successfuly arrested the culprits. Yet they suspect that there will be more such cases in the upcoming weeks. Most of the scammed pouters, usually don’t report it and just walk away. They are afraid that their families and friends might find out that they were visiting sex clubs.

2 police officers

The police have been quite busy lately because the parties tend to get really wild and out of hands at times. With enough alcohol, people overstep certain boundaries that shouldn’t be overstepped, and that’s when the police had to handle riot-like situations. Click here to check out all the public disturbances that happened in Magaluf.

Do These Scams Occur in Wien As Well?

Many reports have shown that such scams occur in Wien as well, but they are rarely of this magnitude and this often. The Magaluf scam had plenty of money involved. So there wasn’t a chance for it to go unnoticed.

We will keep you updated with whatever’s happening in the sex clubs close to you and we’ll share if there’s anything new regarding this story. In the meanwhile, you can read more about such scams in one of The Sun’s article’s, here.

As a takeaway, be a lot more careful with how you use your credit card in brothels, especially after having a couple of drinks. We tend to think that using your credit card is much safer, but quite the opposite turned out to be true for punters. They’re much safer, paying for sex services in cash, instead of using their credit cards!

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