Prostitute drugs clients in Innsbruck, Austria and steals their money
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Prostitute robs client after drugging him

A Bulgarian prostitute is suspected that she used knockout drops to drug a man in order to rob him. This prostitute robs client incident took place inside an apartment that was used as a sex bar in Innsbruck, Austria. Apparently, the sex-worker had that flat rented through an online platform. The victim claims the prostitute stole a large amount of money while he was unconscious. The Innsbruck police department tried to figure out how the whole thing happened.

According to our sources, the man was found by a neighbor. The man claimed he was poisoned and he was taken to the Innsbruck hospital. The blood examination revealed that K.O drops weren’t used. At first glance, it seems the man was too drunk and the reality is different. There is no clear evidence to demonstrate he was drugged or poisoned.

Be aware of K.O drops or other dangerous substances

In the last period, a lot of prostitutes started to use these dangerous drops in order to rob their clients. The majority of them approach drunken men and promise them an unforgettable sexual experience. After the men fall asleep, the girls steal their money and other valuable things they can find. In addition, these kinds of cases started to be more frequent and there are a lot of men who experienced this type of ordeal. The only thing they remember is they felt dizzy and their wallets disappeared. It is considered that many persons didn’t report they were robbed because they were ashamed of the situation.

Some prostitutes were accused they used so-called date rape drugs in order to steal money from their clients. On top of that, a victim described “a gap in his memory” after his encounter with a prostitute. He woke up in the street and he noticed there were cash withdrawals made on his work and personal credit cards.

Clients were left unconscious after they were drugged by a prostitute
Clients left unconscious after they had accepted drinks from prostitutes


This isn’t the only incident where a prostitute robs client after drugging him. There are many other similar cases to this one, where clients lose their belongings, like watches and wallets. The targeted persons are foreign visitors, mainly men, who are eager to have fun with a sexy woman. Each time when you are approached by an unknown girl, who proposes an unforgettable experience, you should think twice.

If you don’t want to be drugged you shouldn’t accept drinks from random prostitutes otherwise you may be robbed. Not all prostitutes have bad intentions, but it is better to be prepared for the worst case scenario. These kinds of incidents can never happen in a good Sex Bar because there are rules that the girls need to follow and security for the girls’ and the clients’ sake.

In a previous article, we have discussed about what shouldn’t you do in a sex club.

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