Sugar daddy website owner might be prosecuted

According to our sources, the owner of the widely popular sugar daddy dating site “Rich Meet Beautiful” is undergoing prosecution. Sigurd Vedal, the man behind this business is facing charges of debauchery and violating anti-sexism laws. According to the prosecution, this service degrades young students to sex objects. Read the rest of the post to find out more about this story!

About the sugar daddy website business

Many sugar daddy websites have started appearing all over Europe in the last couple of years. These businesses match young students with wealthy men and women. The young and good looking students receive luxurious gifts, travelling opportunities and many other things in exchange for their time and company. Sex might also be involved, but according to the owner of the site, sex is not mandatory and everything that happens on these meetings solely depends on what the parties involved want. According to our sources, the students could register for the service for free, while older men and women had to pay a subscription fee.

The Brussels Court takes action against the owner

The owner of the sugar daddy sites is being charged with debauchery and violating anti-sexism laws because of the services that he is offering online. The prosecution asked for a six month prison sentence for the owner and around €300,000 in fines from his company.

The outrage started last year after trucks with sugar daddy website advertisements started appearing in front of colleges in Belgium. Similar advertisement trucks have appeared in front of college campuses in other European countries, such as Germany, France and others. Read this article on The Guardian to find out more about the first wave of outrage surrounding the explicit advertisements.

Rich Meet Beautiful sugar daddy dating site advertisement in front of universities
One of the many advertisements about the “Rich Meet Beautiful” site


The sugar daddy website trial is currently happening and the owner is being prosecuted. If he is found guilty, the owner might face prison time, as well as a hefty fee. In addition to the fees mentioned in the trial, the Université Libre de Bruxelles is asking for €5,000 that should be dedicated to an institution that fights against sexism and prostitution.

We will have to wait and see how the trial ends and if the owner needs to go to jail or not. We will make sure to update this article with any new and relevant information as soon as we get our hands on it, so be sure to check back. If you wish to learn more about this story, go ahead and read the publications posted on The Guardian and

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