Sibylle Rauch returns to the sex industry

According to recent reports, Sibylle Rauch might soon be returning to the prostitution industry as a freelance sex worker. The 58 year old porn actress has been featured in many porn movies in the 80’s and 90’s and she was considered to be one of the best adult actresses of the time. Recently, she was in the 2019 edition of Dschungelcamp (German version of “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!”) where she was voted off in the early stages of the show. If you wish to know what lead Sibylle Rauch to return to the prostitution business, be sure to read the whole article!

Why does Sibylle Rauch want to work as a prostitute?

Before her appearance in Dschungelcamp 2019, Sibylle Rauch said in an interview that she wants to start a career as a serious actress and leave her porn career behind her. However, only a couple of months later, she is considering returning to the sex business. The reason for this is very simple; money.

In a recent interview, Sibylle Rauch stated that she is broke and doesn’t have money for anything. Apparently, her patron who paid for her breast enlargement, new teeth and who was supplying her with up to 1500 euros every month has left her. She has also cut all ties with her previous manager too because of her decision to return to the sex business. Currently, the former porn actress is considering becoming an independent sex worker, something she’s never done before.

Where and when is Sibylle Rauch going to be available?

In the interview, Sibylle Rauch said that she is going to start advertising her services from the 1st of April this year in This might seem like a joke, but the actress was very serious when she was talking about this. She said that the meetings would start at around 100 euros and the clients could talk with her, go out for a dinner or even have sex with the actress. According to her statement, sex in not mandatory in these meetings, but it is possible and can easily be arranged.

Sibylle Rauch Dschungel Camp Jungle Camp 2019

Sibylle Rauch in the 2019 Dschungel Camp

Sibylle Rauch might not have to work as a prostitute

Recently, the Wiener Viktoria football club’s CEO Roman Zeisel and the team’s coach Toni Polster offered to help Sibylle Rauch after seeing her interview. Roman Zeisel said that they can’t stand idly and watch when someone requires help. Since they are a social club, they can surely find a a job for the ex-porn star, maybe in the restaurant business.


Apparently, Sibylle Rauch was offered to star in a porn movie a couple of months ago, but she refused the offer. Now it looks like she will have to get back to the sex business as a solo sexworker or get a real job. However, a regular job might not be for the actress, as she could have gotten one for years now. Tell us in the comment section below what you think about Sibylle Rauch and her maybe returning to the sex industry.

If you’re interested in reading more about this topic, be sure to check out the German articles published on T-Online and tz online that we based our article on.

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