Owners of fake strip club in Munich face trial

A fake strip club in Munich has recently been discovered that was run by a 38 year old man and his 36 year old girlfriend. The couple is currently facing charges that have been brought up against them in front of the Munich District Court. Read the full article to learn everything you need to know about this news piece!

What happened in the fake strip club in Munich?

According to what has been brought to the public’s eye, the man who was operating the fake strip club started advertising his sex bar at the end of last year. The man lured in girls who wanted to work at the club, lied to them and even had sex with some of them. The girls who applied needed to send in erotic photos and had to work undressed at the household of the accused couple. The man even filmed a home-made video of him sexually assaulting two of the girls. According to the defendant, this was safety training, so that the girls know how to react to being assaulted. Allegedly, one of the women was even raped and then blackmailed with photographs afterwards.

The owner admits to having sex with the girls

In the court trial, the 38 year old man has gone on record and admitted to having sex with the girls. According to him, his partner knew about his having intercourse with the girls, but she didn’t know anything about the strip club being fake. According to the man’s partner, she thought that this was a legitimate business and she was just blindly following and trusting her partner without knowing any of the finer details.


Both the owner of the fake strip club in Munich and his girlfriend are currently being prosecuted in a court trial. Naturally, none of the promised money was paid to the girls, so the owner is charged with fraud, sexual assault and rape. The court case hasn’t been finished yet, but the man can expect a long prison sentence if the accusations turn out to be true.

If you wish to read the German article that we based our news piece on, be sure to read the text published on Augsburger Allgemeine now!

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