Viennese Sex Workers are Taking a Break in August

Things slow down for most Viennese sex clubs, FKKs studios, and Laufhauses during the summer. It’s not just because of the sizzling hot weather or because most of the ladies take a vacation. Business slows down in just about every industry during this period.

As you might have experienced, the lineup of girls is much weaker than usual and it’s also hard to find new girls. Not many girls start to work during the hot summer season in Vienna.

Why the Sex Scene Slows Down in the Summer

Nobody’s surprised about the sex scene slowing down for the summer. Most girls go home to visit their families or get a tan on a beach somewhere. That is why it’s hard to find good service providers. They are simply not present during the summer months. So, it’s hard for most establishments to keep the business going during the hot summer months.

Every Viennese Establishment is Sweating in the Heat

The fact that there are very few girls working in the summer, affect’s small and large establishments alike. If there aren’t many prostitutes working, there’s not much they can offer to their visitors. But it’s not easy for the visitors either.

You can see that the lineup in Sexclub Maxim Wien, Goldentime Vienna and even in Babylon Vienna, isn’t what we got used to. Everyone has to make narrower choices during the summer. Smaller nightclubs such as Manhattan and Contact cafe are also facing serious problems during the summer season.

It doesn’t get easy in the post-summer period either. Once business slows down, it takes a lot of work to get it back on track. The lack of business during the summer has a deprivation effect on Laufhaus Rachel and Laufhaus Rosi ( You can see that very few rooms are in use if you visit their websites.

The situation is the same at Laufhaus Juchgasse and Laufhaus Zollgasse, as their business came to a standstill. You could see that they were advertising highly during the past few months. They were pushing forward to grow their business, but it’s almost possible to do that during the summer. However, if you’re interested in visiting them, you might just find your date for the night. Check out this review and see what you can expect.


Summer is a hard time for every brothel, no matter how well their business goes during the rest of the year. The sheer lack of girls draws a lot fewer clients in. Picking the business up after the summer is hard too because the industry is changing every year. Only those clubs that have a strong business during the summer can transition seamlessly into the post-summer season. Sexclub Maxim Wien is a prime example of this fact.

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