How You Can Have Sex Without a Condom in a Sex Bar

Why it is important

Condom or rubber represents a safeguard against pregnancy and sexual transmitted diseases. Using condom is extremely important in sex bars as a prostitute has sexual intercourse with a lot of men and that increases the danger of sexually transmitted diseases. If a client frequently visits sex bars and has sex with different prostitutes, he is very exposed to the risks mentioned above.

Why it’s preferred having sex with condom opposed to AO in a sexbar ?

There are two main risks in having sexual intercourse without condom. I guess there is no man on the planet that would be happy if he gets a prostitute pregnant especially if he is married. However, the risk is real: probably you don’t want to pay child support to a prostitute if she can prove that you are the father of her child. And then there are the sexually transmitted diseases that you have to look out for.

HIV/AIDS has the higher risk but there are also many more. And the worst thing is in this situation is that prostitutes charge more for sex without condom. Of course having sex without a condom is a pleasure factor for both participants. But on the other hand, the client has to pay an extra fee for the dangers of pregnancy or diseases. If you happen to stop at a sex bar it’s highly recommended to have condom on you during the intercourse.

Curiosity facts

In a recent study it has turned out that condom producer companies use sex bars in order to test their products. Breakage and slippage are the two main aspect they research. And a hardly believable result came out: prostitute are less endangered of pregnancy and diseases by clients than women by their lovers who live in a long-lasting, faithful relationship with them.

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