The Places You Never Thought To Have a Quickie in Vienna

The quiet and cultural surface of Vienna can easily fool you into thinking that it’s innocent. But trust me, there are a lot of naughty things happening behind the scenes and not just in a sex bar. Even though it’s a truly charming city, it is also very kinky in a way.

If you’re going out with your partner for a Saturday afternoon, or just visiting the city for the weekend, you might want a bit of extra excitement. What would make your trip even more awesome than a pleasant quickie with your partner? It would definitely make for a memorable sexy experience for the both of you. Which is why we have decided to compile this list of the best places for having a quickie in Vienna.

The Artis Kino

The dark theater hall can be your perfect place for a calm and quiet quickie. Just choose the most unpopular film on the program and go watch it on a weekday night. Nobody will bother or know about your naughtiness if you’re in the last row. So enjoy rolling around in popcorn and having some sweet messy sex while listening to the ambient sounds of the movie. Who knows, when you’re finished, maybe you’ll actually want to watch the rest.

Urania Observatory

Most places that have unusual opening hours are great for quick romps. If you visit in the right hour, you’re bound to find the place almost empty or with very few people around. All you have to do is buy a ticket to this observatory and do the same as so many people before you did. Have a pleasant quickie while you gaze at the galaxy above you. Maybe your girlfriend will find Uranus. If you know what I mean.

Check out their work schedule:

stars galaxy in milkiyway

City Libraries

Most city libraries have excessively long working hours. There are at least a few hours every day when they are almost completely empty. During these hours, it’s incredibly easy to find a nice quiet place between two bookshelves and have a quickie. It will definitely make a thrilling adventure and who knows, maybe you’ll get a bit of education in when you finished.

Hotel Orient

If you want the perfect place for a quickie at any time when you’re in the city, you’ve found it. You don’t have to pay a whole night to stay at Hotel Orient. You can rent the rooms by the hour, which is the perfect setting for a quickie. To make it even better, all the rooms have spas in them. So your sexy adventure will be the finest you’ve ever had!

Hunderwasserhous’ London Phonebooth

If you’re going home from a party at dawn, the London style Phonebooth at Hunderwasserhous will serve you well. You can go in for a quick booty call as long as you do it very early in the morning. But be careful, because it’s by the road. You don’t want to be seen by a road cleaner or something. Your lady should wear a skirt for this one, because it’s much more practical.

Sacher Hotel’s Bathroom

Have a nice date with a few drinks and dinner at the Sacher Hotel. After a few whiskeys, the two of you might want to visit the bathroom together. Don’t worry, it’s not a messy public bathroom. Rather the classiest and cleanest version of a public bathroom you have ever seen. Wait for the right moment and slip in, so that you can slip it in too.


Car2Go is a service that allows you to rent cars. You have to have a membership, so make sure you register. Once it’s done, just locate the car nearest to you and take it for a drive. You can go to somewhere like Leopoldsberg and enjoy the sundown. It will definitely be a romantic way to enjoy a sweet quickie while the two of you are confined in a small space.


There you have it! Finding places in Vienna that allow you to have an amazing quickie isn’t hard at all. You just have to be a little creative and think outside the box. I’m sure there are plenty of places we haven’t thought of yet. Do you know some? Tell us in the comments below!

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