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The Sex Bar Etiquette That Will Ensure You’re a Great Customer

One of the easiest things in life is to have paid sex. You can hardly get anything wrong, right? Well, it depends how you look at it. Because some sex bars have clear guidelines stuck to their window or door. Of course, with so much distraction, very few guys actually stop to read it or notice it for that matter. This is usually seen in busy places like the sex bars in Amsterdam’s red light district. But you can find plenty of other places in Europe that have it too.

If you have never been to a sex bar, it helps to know what the rules of the game are and what’s expected of you. It’s not a problem if you’re already a seasoned pouter and don’t know it yet. Today, we’re going to look at the code of ethics that you can follow when visiting a sex bar.

Don’t Be a Time Waster

A lot of guys just wander around the windows and stare at the girls without ever going in. Most of the girls are pretty fed up with them because some of them never buy. Also, if you’re standing outside one of the windows, a girl will probably go and check you out. By then, you should make your decision, whether you’re in for the fun or not.

Know Exactly What You’re Buying Into

If a girl says that her service costs €50 and you say “okay let’s go”, you’ve just fucked up. The service means different things to different girls. For you, it might mean that you get a few minutes of fellatio and all-out penetrative sex until the end of your session. For her, it might mean that you just get a blowjob and you’ll have to pay €50 more for penetrative sex. So, it’s very important that you negotiate what you’re paying for before going to a room with her. Know exactly what you will get for your money and how much time she will spend with you. Your decision should always be well-informed.

New Girls Are Just as Clueless

Nobody’s a master of her craft right from the start. Young prostitutes are often pretty confused about their job too. They don’t know the rules yet, how much they should charge and so on. So don’t worry about looking dumb or not knowing. Even seasoned prostitutes didn’t know at first, so it’s completely okay if it’s your first time in a sex bar. Just be polite and let her be at ease with you.

Don’t Take Your Dick Out In The First Minute

Taking your dick out once you’ve slammed the door behind your back doesn’t seem too ethical, does it? Yet some guys do it. But you’re a gentleman, so take your wallet out before your dick. Give her the €50 or the amount of money you two agreed on. Once that’s done, you’ve held your end of the deal and can get straight down to business.

Treat Her With Complete Respect

Treat the girl like you would treat your girlfriend. Well, not exactly the same way, but you get the idea. It’s having respect for her and care for her safety. Once you operate from a place of mutual respect and care, the two of you are all set to have some even better sexy time.


Do What You Want To Do

Once you’ve made the deal, she’ll probably lay on the bed and ask you to join her. She’ll put a condom on you and give you an admirable blowjob. That’s when you should touch her if you want or ask her for a special position once you’ve got it up. Not every girl will allow you to touch her or be happy about it for that matter. She might say it clearly or might not. Either way, you should ask or do what you would like to do. She will definitely tell you whether it’s okay or not.

Woman in underwear and high heels laying on bed.

Quick Tip: If you want to try something more extreme, you can, but know the safety rules first. You can find information about fisting, face sitting and other amazing action in this article:

Clean Up After Yourself

If you find yourself a great girl, she’ll squeeze every bit out of your penis once you’re done and rub it off with a napkin. But if she doesn’t, you’ll have to do it yourself. Which is fair. You’ve paid for a sexual service, not for bathing.

It’s ethical to clean up after yourself. Once you’re done, know when to leave. She has to be ready for her next client.  But if she lets you stay for a while longer and doesn’t seem like she’s rushing anywhere, than by all means, enjoy it.




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