The FKK Paradise brothel in Stuttgart connected to of sexual exploitation and human trafficking
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Court case of FKK Paradise in Stuttgart ends

FKK Paradise is an establishment in Stuttgart that managed to attract a lot of popularity. It is considered to be one of the biggest sex clubs worldwide, with a covering space of 5,500 sqm. The location used to be very luxurious with over 150 prostitutes who offered their sexual services. It was estimated that the club had revenues of €5 million per year.

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The former owner of FKK Paradise faces different accusations

The authorities found Jürgen Rudloff, the owner of the sex club, guilty of sexual exploitation and human trafficking. He has been sentenced to two years in prison on probation. Jürgen was considered the face of legal sex work in Germany. Unfortunately for him and his business, the prosecutors also decided to charge him with illegally obtaining capital from investors. Jürgen Rudloff was also accused of procuring prostitutes from trafficking gangs.

The prosecutor demanded a harsher condemnation for Jürgen Rudloff

For many years, Rudloff stated his business is legal and all the sex workers are independent. Apparently, the prosecutors have another point of view. They consider the former owner of Paradise has facilitated human trafficking. The Stuttgart court mentioned there were a lot of prostitutes under 21 who were working in FKK Paradise. Defense attorneys tried to demonstrate the fact that Jürgen Rudloff only wanted a legal development of his business. He has never believed his actions will be considered illegal.

Besides Paradise in Stuttgart, Rudloff is also the owner of other red light district establishments located in Saarbrücken, Frankfurt and the Austrian city of Graz. Jürgen Rudloff was very proud of his business and he used to give interviews regarding legal prostitution in Germany. He considers the accusations are unfounded and he stated the authorities’ decision is unfair.

FKK Paradise faces difficult moments after the sentence of Jürgen Rudloff
Prosecutors consider the owner of FKK Paradise should be given a tough sentence

Paradise for clients, hell for the sex-workers

Paradise sex club was considered the Men’s oasis. According to the local media, the clients paid between €70 and €80 to enter. Each prostitute used to rent her own space in the sex club, so she could make her own tariffs. The investigators determined that some women were forced into submission. They have been subjected to threats and violent treatments. The authorities mentioned that Rudloff had received around $3.5 million from different investors who were promised they will receive shares. In reality, he used the money to fund his expensive lifestyle.

The investigation connected with Jürgen Rudloff’s business resulted in 11 arrests. In addition, all this scandal has generated a national debate about prostitution in Germany. There are a lot of persons who consider the women are still trafficked even though the business apparently respects the regulations. It is considered that a lot of vulnerable women were promised they will be hired in Germany as waitresses or dancers.

The promises were nothing more than hot air

The majority of the women who worked as prostitutes in “The Paradise” hoped they will have a better future, but they received just empty promises. The so-called “madams” were overseeing and controlling the women and their schedule. The girls told the investigators that even flu was a reason for beating. The former owner of “The Paradise” and his ex-marketing manager are willing to confess, trying to make a deal between the court and defense. At the end of December 2018, the former director of the brothel was also convicted and received a 2-year sentence. It was a different trial and the director made a complex confession.

FKK Paradise suffers a terrible blow after the owner's conviction.

Jürgen Rudloff, the notorious owner of the FKK Paradise brothel received a harsh sentence


The Paradise court case has ended and Jürgen Rudloff received a five year sentence. He also has to pay a $1 million compensation which made a lot of persons feel that justice has been finally done. The information was quickly spread through mass-media. In the courtroom, the owner of the biggest brothel did not show any remorse signs. Apparently, he did not care about the negative effects of his business. The prosecutors had enough evidence to demonstrate that Jürgen Rudloff has exploited vulnerable women. In addition, he also supported human trafficking and money laundering. We can strongly say that Stuttgart Court has shown the fact nobody is untouchable and justice has won an important war.

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