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Germany’s First Sex-Doll Only Sex Bar Has Finally Opened

We have ventured into the depths of some of the strangest fetishes in the world. Because a blog is devoted to bringing you everything there is to know about sex and sex bars. We keep up with the world as it’s sex industry keeps getting stranger and stranger. Now, you can visit a sex-doll only sex bar and start humping on some shapely silicon dolls. This sex bar is quite unique as it already has more dolls working in it than actual women.

Japan is no stranger to such kinks, which is why we already reviewed its sex industry in one of our previous posts. It is a country with probably the highest sex doll production. The trend seems to spread around Europe as well. Though there are only a few sex-doll only sex bars out there, they are here for a reason. Now, you don’t have to venture too far from Vienna to go to one of them. There is one called Bardoll and it is located in south Dortmund, Germany. It’s a wonderful place filled with excitement and a lot of strange fantasies.

Opening Up To Something New

As better and more life-like sex dolls are made, it’s only natural that more people are interested in them. Yet, a sex bar like this is far from hitting the mainstream. Even Bardoll isn’t a place that you would spot from a block away. It’s located in a quiet neighborhood, within small building between a semi-detached flat and a workshop. Even the sign on the door is pretty small, so it’s unlikely that anyone would know what’s going on there unless they know what they’re looking for. If they do, then they’ll enter one of the mankinds most bizarre innovations.

The all sex-doll sex bar is run by a 29-year-old woman, who’s name is Evelyn Schwarz. She is the madam and founder of this glorious sex bar. She has a lineup of 11 silicon dolls that people can rent out for 30 minutes or an hour. It costs them $60 for 30 minutes and $90 for a whole hour. They can spend that time doing whatever they want with the dolls. Even a whole lineup of tools, accessories and toys are at their disposal. Since they won’t be talking much, some pretty sick shit and plenty of humping are bound to go down.

People can get as wild and violent as they like and simulate the things they see in porn. They can do all the things that would cross a regular person’s or even a professional sex worker’s boundaries. The dolls can be bent and can take on just about anything thrown at them.

How Pouters Like The Idea

The place got a review like this: “Anna’s joints were pretty stiff but it was 95 like the real thing. I got destroyed within an hour”. It’s crazy how a lifeless doll can wear people out, but it’s real. A lot of people come to Bardoll to try what it’s like having sex with a doll. Yet about 70% of them turn into regular customers. There are all sorts of visitors, between the age of 18 and 80. From deadbeat guys to respected judges and government officials, there are all sorts of people visiting this place.

But why are sex-dolls becoming a turn-on for so many people? Isn’t it better to hump it out with an actual woman?

According to Madam Evelyn, some of the guys that come to Bardoll haven’t even had sex with a real woman. They are either too shy or even afraid of actual women. So much so that they wouldn’t even want to have sex with a prostitute. Also, some guys wouldn’t walk up to a woman if she looked this good. Other guys go there because they want to try something they can’t within their relationship. They come to crush a pussy unlike ever before. With sex dolls, that they can do.

When you’re having sex with an actual person, you have to show some consideration to her. Even if she’s a prostitute, there are a set of boundaries that you can’t cross. You don’t want to hurt the other person in any way. With sex dolls, there’s no need to worry about anything like that. You can hump that silicon bitch for hours without anyone telling you to stop. Madam Evelyn says that they are the perfect employees for the same reason.

What It’s Like To Run The Place

Evelyn Schwarz has been in the business for quite some time. Most of the people in the industry laughed when she introduced her idea. But nobody is laughing now. Her sex bar only provided sex with dolls on Sundays, but people wanted more. The demand has risen so high, that dolls are being booked every day. One of the big favorites is a doll called Anna. She is hot blonde with big boobs and a really seductive babe. She is being booked all the time, so every day is busy for her.

Bardoll has cleaning ladies looking after Anna and the other dolls. Their job is to keep their rooms clean and to prepare them for their next session. It takes them about half an hour to groom their hair and disinfect them completely. So everyone can enjoy sticking it into a  fresh doll.

Sex doll posing on a couch

Evelyn really likes to work with sex dolls because they are ideal employees. They never call in sick, never go on vacations and they’re always looking at their best. There’s literally no factor that would stop them from making her money, which is every business owners dream. While sex with dolls gains more popularity, the business will only go better and better for this lady.


Plenty of people take the chance to go all in and make their wildest sexual desires come to life. When the things guys want to do cross the boundaries of any real person, sex dolls come to the rescue. Maybe it sounds sick for a lot of people and rightly so. But it looks like sex dolls are here to stay and they’ll have their own cut of the sex industry from now on.

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