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Chinese Prostitutes Promised a Decent Job in Austria – Turns Out to Be a Sex Bar

Breaking news regarding the matter of exploitation, compromising people, acts of social elitism. The news that left Austrians demoralized, according to public opinion.

Chinese people are prone to be taken advantage of in recent times. Regarding these news, a suspecting Chinese crime gang convinced their own compatriotic women that Austria offers them stable jobs at massage parlors.

Resume shortly explained differently

According to news reports, Chinese gang have manipulated their predicament at home, confsuing women about their unsatisfactory jobs they had before traveling to Europe where they were ditched looking for a better opportunity. The women, being lied to and eventually lured into a trap, have the Chinese Gang apprehend them to themselves, committing their work to be loyal to them.

The gang members would restrict them to work in sex bars, thinking that they’re going to run for an application of a masseuse. Austrian police investigated the case. They exposed of this terrible act of human trafficking.

Austrian Police Response and Reports

Detectives were on the case from way before, tracing the alleged Chinese gang members from the start of their doubtful appearance. Officers at the detective department said that two of the gang members were in close contact with a crime organization in China.

According to the police department, their job from the far land of the East was to mildly persuade women to go and work in a better place like Austria is. Chinese criminals from Austria take the case from there, when a woman accepts to go to work abroad. They’ve been lied to, undercover criminals shown papers of Austrian massage parlors, tricking them into thinking it’s a decent job.

If they accept the offer, a pay-toll applies to their transactions, where they had to pay a grand total of €10,000 for a Visa. The finalized women went further into the process of transferring them to a sex bar, which they never would’ve guessed they’ll be going to.

Once arriving at the Vienna airport, a gang member in disguise of their agent/guide paves their route them from their airport. When they leave the check-ups, clear for depart from the airport, that’s when they confiscate their passports.

That completely constricted them to obey their boss and work without hesitation for their criminal organization. Forced into labor, spread among sex bars across Vienna, police came up to a number of 150 women used as labor workers.

Police reports state that the majority of the women worked in sex bars under ownership of two mobsters, higher up on the criminal hierarchy. The third owner was a suspect’s mother.

Consequences of leaving and businesses’ work of action

If in a temptation to leave the business, warnings followed, then torment and threats if they proceed with prevarication. The Chinese Gang members had complete control over them. They couldn’t make one step out of bounds without getting a following warning eventually.

Encaging them and bounding them to their job as sex workers, they had to cough up every single euro cent to their bosses. Police reports say that it was a miserable amount for the prostitutes to maintain a survival on the verge of collapsing.

After a few months, some of the prostitutes transfer to a sex bar in other parts of Austria. That includes, Lower Austria on the south, Upper Austria on the north, Carinthia and Styria as two other districts of the country.

Judging by the police speculations, it was probably a mask they had to pull out occasionally. Just in case if inspectors show up in their sex bars, looking for a documented manifold of their property. It didn’t take long notice, because the police were already onto them.


Nevertheless, the strung-out women had to listen. They were stranded all across Austria until police turned in six suspects into custody. Those six suspects are awaiting trial in jail, and the seventh man is still on the loose, police states. One by one loose-end less, they continued the profound search once they got some details on the sex bars.

Austrian police searched 13 premises of their property. Police were seizing firearms on the spot. Other then that, fake money counterfeits, fake ID’s and a sum of €30,000 in cash. The research shall continue later on, after the pledge of guiltiness succeeds.

The prosecutors have to admit to the police of their property in order to lower their jail time. Unless that gets a proper fulfill, they’ll be suffering numerous charges on a variety of crimes. One of those is; human trafficking and exploitation, constricting human rights and liberty, illegal sex work, etc. Further reports will notify of the ongoing situation.

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