Prostitutes assaulted around Schöneberg in Berlin

Recently, an alarming number of prostitutes have been assaulted in Berlin, in the Schöneberg district. In the last three weeks, seven prostitutes have been assaulted and injured in the area. Some of the victims were transsexual people. Apparently, the offenders used acid to attack the girls and the Police speculate that the prostitutes were assaulted because of their sexual orientation. Continue reading this news article to learn more about the report.

Berlin police takes over the investigation

Since more and more prostitutes are being assaulted, the police took over the case and started investigating. However, people are skeptical about the effectiveness of the police’s work. The reality is that in order for the police to do something; they need to know about the assault in time. Unfortunately, they are either too late to catch the perpetrators or the prostitutes are too afraid to report the incident to the authorities.

This isn’t the first assault on transsexual people

Around a year ago, more assault on transsexual people has been reported. Back then, the District Mayor stated that this is not a new problem and that it has been happening for a while now. The police and the district mayor called these attacks homophobic, as the prostitutes were offended with homophobic remarks when they were assaulted.

Emy Fem who is a prostitute and a social worker said that the offenders are most probably a group of guys who are going home from a party. They are probably drunk and want to show their strength and masculinity, so they attack transsexual sex workers. She even referenced a girl’s teeth being knocked out when she was assaulted.

Emy Fem, Berlin, social worker, sex worker
Emy Fem talks about the assaults on prostitutes in Berlin


The District mayor has already issued a statement in which he asks locals to report and call the police as soon as they see something like this happening. The problem is that most of the prostitutes who are being attacked are foreigners who are too afraid to seek out the help of the police, so they just keep quiet instead. They are also afraid of the police, probably because of their experiences with them back in their home country. Some of the sexworkers are also afraid because they don’t have a residence or a work permit. Additionally, unlike other prostitutes who work in a sexbar, transsexual sexworkers usually don’t have a pimp to protect them, so they are on their own.

If you’re interested in learning more about this story, be sure to read any of the following publications on Berliner Zeitung and Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg.

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