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Here’s How Business Works In Amsterdam’s Red Light District

Amsterdam is known as a place where tourists come from all around the world, to really let loose. Too many people in the past, it has been the ultimate destination for having casual sex and enjoying drug abuse. It is also a great place for European pouters to spend their vacation. The city is most famous for its red light district, where you can shop for sex as you would shop for anything else. It is filled with prejudices and dark sides, which add up to a pretty dodgy reputation.

Yet a lot of people make an honest living there, whose perspectives we know nothing about. So today, we’re going to look into who runs the red light district. We’re going to dive into who’s doing good business there and how they do it.

It’s Like a Market For Sex

The most apparent part of Amsterdam’s Red Light District is the fact that hot girls are just standing in the windows. They are waiting for guys to walk in and have sex with them, which every pouter loves. But most people have serious misconceptions when it comes to understanding how it functions. They come to the conclusion that pimps help these girls run the business, but that’s far from the truth.
In reality, each girl is renting the window from a bunch of polite guys who don’t have much to do with them. These are small companies that are often associated with pimps, but they are just running a simple rental business. Girls walk up to their office and pay a fee and they give them access to a window and a room of their choosing. They do their job of their own free will.

Quick fact: Plenty of countries in Europe have legalized sex work, here is all the info you’ll need about them:

Pimps force women to work and protect them, while these guys are just giving them rooms to work in. They don’t have any other association with the prostitutes. But they do have to work every day to make sure that everything’s okay. All the girls have to do is decide where they work. The guys charge them 150 euros for a window during the day and 200 euros during the night. All the money earned behind the window is for the person who makes it.There are plenty of weirdos roaming around on the streets and they have to make sure they don’t go in. Because all of us have come seen some unpleasant guys walking into our favorite sex bar.

The Problems They Face Every Day

Even though these guys just rent the windows, they are very helpful at heart. The girls can come to them if they problems anytime. They also have the responsibility that everything goes well around their windows. There’s an alarm button that the girl can push and she’ll get help as quickly as possible.They don’t act like a security team, but they do have to take care of unpleasant visitors. Some visitors just complain or get upset over something stupid. The girls often need some help in case that happens.

Amsterdam's Red Light District

They just call the police most of the time, because that’s all they can do about it. It’s useful when a customer won’t leave or thinks that he has been treated unfairly.Only the police can take care of incidents like this because if they punch someone the company is liable. Another annoying thing is the fact that Amsterdam’s red light district has turned into a tourist attraction. Too many people come to just look around and very few of them walk in to do business.

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Knowing how the business works behind the sex bar windows of Amsterdam doesn’t change much about the experience. Still, it will make you a much better-informed pouter who better understands the sex market.
I hope you’ve enjoyed reading through this article and that we’ll see you again in the next one!

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