See What Shocking and Wild Adventures Japan’s Sex Industry Holds

See What Shocking and Wild Adventures Japan’s Sex Industry Holds

The land of the rising sun is home to many strange sexual tastes, like tentacle porn among other delicacies. But few know the truth behind it’s ever-growing and thriving sex industry. Japan’s population is steadily decaying because people aren’t getting together in relationships, they aren’t getting married and they’re not making babies. Men and women are not spending too much time together and treat relationships like they’re a real hassle. With more women choosing a career instead of housework, it’s pretty hard to get a relationship together. As you might already know, Japan also has some serious work ethic. And by serious, I mean grabbing people by the balls and having them working for 16 hours straight. After such a long day in the office, the sex bar is a sure relief.

This tendency has brought about some shocking results according to government surveys. It says that about 50% of all women between the age 18 and 35, in Japan are single. Also, more than 60% of men within the same age group are also single. In Japan, there are more people above the age 60 and less under the age 15. Which proves that their population is fading slowly, due to the way they treat relationships. They have the fastest decaying population on earth.

Men would rather spend their time with virtual anime girls and women would choose work over just about everything. This way, it’s hard to see any real dates in restaurants or couple’s engaging in public.Some people would blame men’s tendencies to be absolute nerds and spend their money on toys even in their 20’s. While this proves that a lot of guys have a serious communication problem, things aren’t always as simple.

Selling Sex And Relationships On a Whole New Level

The Japanese have just about commodified every aspect of a relationship, especially. Every sex bar goes really well in the country because most people are buying sex. But everyday sex services aren’t the only thing you can buy for the money. There are a lot of strange places for one to visit. Whatever desire you have, Japan is bound to have a sex service to satisfy it. First, of, there are an infinite amount of products that replicate ass and titties unlike any other. There are great fuck pillows, plastic boobs, pussy and whatever weird things you desire. You might even get a set of tentacles, even an octopus if that’s your thing. For someone looking for a more emotional relationship, some of the sex toys even speak. Having sex with dolls is a pretty common thing as well.

If you really like anime, you can have a girl dress up as your favorite anime character. You can go on a date with her and have some real fun.During a Saturday night, women go to a host club. Note that they’re not going to a sex bar, to have sex. They just go there to have a good conversation with men and get some attention. They flirt all night and nobody is having some hot sex in the end. There are also awesome hostess clubs for men, where a guy can get all the female attention he wants. They can have dinner with the girls who make them feel special for an hour or so. For a bit of extra, it can have a happy ending too.

If you’re looking to elevate your relationship and enjoy a few nice hugs, you can definitely do that too. There are plenty of cuddle cafés in Japan, where you can lay and cuddle with the girl of your choosing. She’ll lay there and give you sweet hugs and kisses.

The Sex Culture

There are about 200 sex bars in Tokio city, that can satisfy even the craziest cravings a guy would have. You can even find virtual sex bars if you at least google it. The amount of weird stuff you can dive into is nearly endless. The sex culture does it’s best to create new things for men and women to enjoy on a daily basis. Every fetish can satisfy in this city and you’re free to invent new ones as well.

Just about every bit of this blooming sex industry is controlled by Japan’s notorious mafia, Yakuza. They rule the nightlife and make sure that there are plenty of hookers working.

Food For Thought: Tokyo has illegal establishments for locals only, so it takes some connections to get into them. You can see one in this VICE documentary:


You’ll rarely find any couples and actual marriage in Japan. There are a lot more elderly people than babies being born and the gap between the two just keeps growing. Still, people are having plenty of sex and have their cravings for a relationship satisfied. The country has modified just about everything one could want out of one. All a man or a woman has to do is spend some of that hard earned cash on them.

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