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Bijou Escort – Vienna Escort Agency Review

Bijou Escort is among the top escort agencies that you can find in Vienna. This agency accumulated many positive reviews from their clients and made a name for themselves in the Vienna escort scene by offering expert services and exclusive girls. Bijou Escort is considered to be a safe and reliable pick when it comes to escort in Vienna. If you are not in the mood to visit a sex bar, but you still want some action, Bijou Escort is among the best choices you have. Read the full review to find out everything you need to know about this escort agency in Vienna.

Basic Information about Bijou Escort

Bijou Escort is a professional high-class escort agency that has been operational for a long time. In the agency’s history, most of the feedback they received online has been positive. There are numerous forums and other portals with reports from locals and tourists alike. We encourage you to do your own research as well, to find out even more about the agency. As for our experiences, we can’t really complain either, but more on that later. The agency wasn’t operational for a little while in 2018, but other than that, they have been 100% invested in the business.

The agency’s website is regularly being updated with either new girls or new photos. The site looks professional and you can find everything that you would expect from a more reputable business. The photos of the escort ladies are real, with little retouching, but nothing drastic. Since this is a high-class escort agency, you don’t have to worry about falling victim to a scam used by cheap escort agencies. The girls never try to upsell their services and you always get what you pay for.

The prices at Bijou Escort might not be the cheapest, but this only means that the service level is higher as well. Rather than paying and getting the bare minimum, at this Vienna escort agency you pay for a guaranteed good experience. Here are the prices at Bijou Escort:

  • 1 hour – 220€
  • 2 hours – 380€
  • 3 hours – 520€
  • 6 hours – 900€
  • Price per hour for extension – 160€

Specialty of Bijou Escort

Bijou Escort is known for the exclusivity of the girls that work at the agency. You are never going to find the same girl on another site using a different name. Additionally, the girls who work at Bijou thrive to satisfy the client, as the agency has a reputation to uphold. This eliminates the possibility of scamming, upselling or any other shady tactics used by cheap escort agencies. If you choose a high-class escort agency, there’s a level of security and reliability that comes with it.

Another great plus of Bijou are the different special services that the agency is offering. Hotel and airport escort services are very common in Vienna, but Bijou Escort goes a step further with their services. Some of the special services include an escort girl for a bachelor party or a sexy lady for a candle light dinner in one of Vienna’s fine restaurants.

Why do we recommend Bijou Escort

When it comes to choosing the right escort agency, we could only recommend reputable and reliable agencies in Vienna. There is a certain peace of mind that you get when you are dealing with high-class escort agencies and this definitely justifies the higher price range. Bijou Escort is a professional business that caters to the clients’ needs, so a pleasant escort experience is usually the case. This means a safe bet for those nights when you’re in Wien and you don’t feel like visiting a sex bar.

Personal experiences with Bijou Escort

I’ve personally always preferred a sex bar when it comes to sex for money, but when I decide to book an escort in Vienna, Bijou is one of my go-to agencies. Usually when I call and escort I want to be relaxed and this agency makes sure that actually happens. The girls I’ve been with have been well-spoken, pleasant and very good service-wise. Bijou escort ladies arrive dressed elegantly, and not like stereotypical prostitutes that you can identify from a distance. The phone operators are also professional and speak English fluently. This all makes for a very safe and convenient recommendation for Bijou Escort when it comes to escort agencies in Wien.

Summary of the review

Bijou Escort is a reliable agency to choose when looking for an escort in Vienna. This is a high-class escort agency, so you should not expect the cheapest price in the city. However, the higher price also means better service, no scam or upselling and a more professional business approach. So, if you’re interested in booking an escort lady in Vienna, go ahead and check out their website and take a look at the current girl lineup.

About Bijou Escort Service

Bijou Escort Service

Köllnerhofgasse 4/27, 1010 Wien, Austria

+43 699 103 065 21

Email Contact: [email protected]

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