The Weirdest Sex Laws Around The Globe

The Weirdest Sex Laws Around The Globe

Sex is a sensitive topic wherever you go and there are plenty of laws around it. But not all of them make sense. In fact, there are plenty of them that seem out of this world, yet people get fines and jail sentences for them. Even though keeping these in mind seems counter-intuitive, you might want to go for a trip soon.

In case you and your girlfriend are looking to visit one of the countries enlisted below, you’ll best be clear about the governing laws there. Doing so will spare you of fines and any bump-ins with the local police force. So, without further ado, let’s get down to them.

Kissing in Public, Vienna

Starting off with our beloved city, Vienna is actually a place where you should be careful about kissing in public. In fact, you will get a 50 euro fine if you’re caught kissing on public transport. This rule was introduced in 2013, when the company that runs the public transportation lines in Vienna, Wiener Linen has received numerous complaints about amorous passengers. So, be sure to hold back your lust and love on public transport when you’re in Vienna with your girlfriend, because you’ll never know when someone will catch you with a hefty fine.

Having Sex On a Parked Motorcycle, London

It’s pretty intuitive why you shouldn’t have sex on a moving motorcycle. However, laws in London forbid you to do it on a parked motorcycle. Maybe the government is nice enough to protect your bike’s seat and chrome cover from your own cum. Because let’s get real, having sex on top of a motorcycle can get messy.

Walking Around Naked in Your Hotel Room, China

It’s illegal for women to walk around naked in a hotel room in China.  This pretty much defeats the purpose of renting a hotel room in the first place. The police might knock on their door and find them. However, they can take a breather because it’s legal to be naked in the bathroom.

Having Sex With The Devil in Bakersfield, California

The temptation is always present and it’s powerful, which is why it’s written in the law that you can’t have sex with Satan unless you’re wearing protection. In case you’re thinking about giving the D to the devil, buy a box of condoms to avoid getting a fine. Stay safe my child.

Quick Info: If you want to see more incredibly funny sex laws, check out this gallery! It has a lot more:

Having Sex With Live Fish, Minnesota

Minnesota has deemed it illegal to have sex with live fish. You might get a serious fine for banging any living fish you come across, but the law doesn’t say anything about dead fish.

Having Sex on The Stairs of a Church, Birmingham

If you and your girlfriend are religious, you can’t bang on the steps of a church after sundown. After the prayer, you’ll have to take your sexy business home with you.

Having Sex With Female Dogs in Heat, Thailand

It’s illegal to bang pups in Thailand. If that wasn’t bad enough, note that you’ll get a higher fine if the female dog was in heat while you were pounding down on her. So, finding male dogs might let you get away with a smaller fine in case you don’t want to hold your passion back.

Dildos Are More Dangerous Than Guns, Texas

You can fire your gun all you want but you better be careful about how many dildos you own, because it’s illegal to have more than six in Texas. So be sure that you’re aiming for quality over quantity. Furthermore, owning sex toys is completely illegal in Alabama.

Being Molested By Dogs, Kentucky

No living being is free of the state-governing sex laws in Kentucky. Human’s aren’t the only ones who are punished for breaking these laws. Dogs will face penalties for molesting people. So, if the neighborhood pooch is grinding down on your leg too much, you know that you can always turn to the police for help.

Hugging in Public, Qatar

Qatar is very strict when it comes to public behavior and you won’t get treated too nicely if you overstep these boundaries. You can get in trouble even as a tourist. Any kind display of affection is deemed rude and as ill behavior, so you better not get caught kissing or hugging in public places.

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