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10 Rules To Having an Awesome Evening at The Sex Bar

A night at the sex bar is always a good night, but with a bit of preparation and awareness, it can get better. Here are 10 rules to follow in order to make the best out of your night!

Get In The Right Mood

Dress up nicely, use perfume and do whatever rituals you do to make you feel sexy. I have a few special songs and the preparation before going out, that makes me feel incredibly sexy. Do whatever gets you going, maybe a bit of–self-pleasure or a tea to make you feel calm and relaxed.

Eat Something Before You Go

Many sex bars have a buffet as well. I wouldn’t recommend eating from them though. The foods are rarely good and stuffing yourself full doesn’t make you feel sexy bay any means. Instead, only eat something to make sure you’re not hungry when it’s time to dive deep into sexy time.

Ask Before You Touch a Girl

You can’t just walk in and slap a girl’s booty at first sight. Always ask if you can touch her first. Don’t go around grabbing asses at a whim. Make eye contact first. If she is busy with someone else, ask if you could join in on the fun.

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Have Your Own Condoms

Don’t rely on the venue or anyone else for your own protection. Bring your own set of condoms to the party, and make sure that it isn’t the emergency condom you’ve been keeping in your wallet. The same goes for women as well.

Help Out With Wiping Sweat

If you’re having sex with a prostitute or taking part in a sex party, you might want to help clean the place you’re having sex at. It’s smart to bring some wet wipes with you in that case. Giving a wipe to the surface you’re planning to have sex on is smart. It’s a good way to make sure you won’t end up with an unpleasant rash.

Go Easy With The Booze

It’s tempting to get hammered while you’re visiting a sex bar. Your average consumption is likely to be increased when you’re there as well. But even if you feel a bit of anxiety or discomfort, be sure not to drink too much. You might have bad decisions that you regret and have less control over your body. Go with some Kratom instead. It will do you wonders.

Be Sure You’re Not Creepy

Don’t just stand in the shadowy corner or lurk around without saying a word to anybody. Just smile, chill and have a good time. Stand out in the open, be vulnerable and let others speak to you. You don’t have to sneak around, because you’ll end up doing what you least want to do. Get people weirded out by your pressence.

Go With One of Your Friends or a Partner

Going with a friend will make it much easier to just ease into the experience and communicate about it too. If you’re going to a sex bar for the first time, it’s an awesome idea to bring your friend or partner along with you. That way, you’ll make sure that you don’t feel alone and always have someone to hang out with.

Be Mindful of Your Emotions

You don’t have to push yourself to have sex with someone you don’t want to. You also don’t have to push yourself to make things happen. Dow hat you’re most comfortable with. Just hang out, observe and give yourself premission to do what makes you feel good. You’ll always come back later and be the beast you think you should be. If you feel uneasy for too long, you can always leave. Just make sure you’re monitoring your emotions and staying in touch with them.

Seduictive woman laying in bed.

Befriend The Security Guards

Talk to the security guards and be nice to them. If you’re a bit nurveous, ask one of them to keep an eye on you. It might make you ease into the experience much easier if you know that someone is making sure you’re okay. One more time, if you’re feeling even a bit overwhelmed, just leave at any time.


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