Why Is The 69 Pose So Awesome and Pleasurable

Why Is The 69 Pose So Awesome and Pleasurable

69 is simultaneous oral sex when both participants put their mouth to their partners’ genital area.  It’s perfect as foreplay or if you don’t feel like to have an intercourse.

Different attitudes to 69

Probably men like 69 more than woman. However you still have a better chance to persuade her to suck your cock. Why?

Because this way she doesn’t only give pleasure but also gets too.  If your woman doesn’t fond of sucking 69 can be an ideal position to make her like that. When fellatio and cunnilingus are applied at the same time it can be a really pleasurable feeling for both of the participants. You can easily experience 69 in almost every sex bar. Most of the sex bar-girls have this service on their list. One example is Lolita from Maxim Wien, but you can enjoy 69 in other sex bars as well.

Who is better on the top and why?

If women gets on top during 69 it’s not only more comfortable but more exciting as well. And a very uncomfortable situation will be avoided. She won’t be choking from your shaft.

Despite of it if you still insist to be on the top don’t expect her to give you deepthroat because it can be really hard to do for her. Let her just kiss and lick the head of your penis or move her tongue up and down on it.  She may involve your scrotum and balls too. If she puts your penis into her mouth all the way down it will cause choking which is not really sexy.

Let her be on the top

When you let her be on the top it maybe turns her on extraordinarily. She will feel that she controls the situation and it can be very exciting. Just let her do her job and maybe she will give you a perfect blowjob as this way she can swallow your prick till it’s comfortable to her.

She can go as deep as she wants and also can play with your balls. In the meantime you can work with your tongue on her pussy easily that she hopefully will enjoy a lot if you are skilful enough. If you want to have a perfect 69 don’t be shy to talk about it with her. It’s something that definitely worth doing for great pleasure.

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