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Sex Bar Residenz Following Footsteps of Goldentime – Historic Upsell

Sex service is getting more and more costly. Reasons could be various in theory. Since none were actually relayed, simply put, it is an economic, business decision and it is a focal point for long-term inflation.

The sex industry in Austria is slowly changing the ways they work and function, and that is an inevitable price to play, mostly relying on the customers.

The unwanted price raise

That’s the case with Residenz. Half-hour worth of sex is 120 EUR, a full hour on the clock is 160 EUR, extras not included. Reports first came from Goldentime, a respectable sex bar with legacy. The first brothel that started the whole upsell trend, as it occurs.

Residenz was looking up to their competitors, as it seems. Formerly known as TerminPornBabes, which is a sex bar whose business kept depleting until full cease of operation of some branches. Low financial stability for months is what made them fall, and Residenz picked up where they left off.

Residenz has a site with a neat design with a variety of girls you could select. There are attractive pictures where you could come in and enjoy the beauty. For some, the fun ends there because they wanted more. And that’s the trick – pay up every slight adjustment extra!

If a customer is willing a deep throat from the girl, he has to pay for it additionally. If a customer wants his orgasm to surface a girl, or even be inside, that also includes added fees. As an example, we’ll detail Sophie, ex-Stefanie Silver, seemingly a prospect and a well-spoken of girl in Residenz.

Sophie’s business story

She’s a beautiful brunette having curves that definitely leave the customers with a huge impression. Attractive butt and bra cup size (C), petite height and lightweight is just her technical characteristics. She has the cover girl instinct, according to some general feedback.

She’s got a tight body built. Sophie is objectivelly a gorgeous woman. Once customer finishes looking through Sophie’s pictures, he’d probably want more. There’s a price menu displayed right next to the pictures, which would make the client consider his decision. Read next; after a transaction of 120 Eur or 160 Eur for 30 minutes and 60 minutes with Sophie, respectively, this is what you need to pay extra, if selected:

  • +20 EUR Deep French Kissing
  • +30 Eur Oral without Condom
  • +30 EUR Cum on Body
  • +30 EUR Licking
  • +50 EUR Cum on Face
  • +50 EUR Lesbian Package
  • +50 EUR Lingerie
  • +70 EUR Prostate Massage
  • +100 EUR Golden Shower
  • +100 EUR Erotic Show
  • +200 EUR Escort

This must engrave a denying mentality in a customer. Residenz proudly displayed their menu on their site, as it is not secluded on the bottom of their page or somewhere else rather untransparent. Right after you click to see more from a girl, one shall immediately see the broad range of prices.

“Lingerie” for instance, if a customer acquires that kind of extra for Sophie, he would have get her in lingerie only. Unless that is not selected, Sophie picks out what she will wear on the moment of hook-up. That’s +50 EUR additionally.

Putting micro-transactions in their business may be their pinnacle of business. Where ever Residenz decision leads them, these are the current prices which the customers would have to accept if they are thinking of going to Residenz in the mean time.

blur, cash, close-up


Smart decision or not, outside-people and media are not the economic experts to judge Residenz business decisions. Besides, that’s the menu regarding Sophie only. Different girls charge different services, so as the price tag. The best case scenario is that customers will move onto another girl in Residenz. Worst case is that they will be gone in no time, leaving for a cheaper, alternate sex bar.

In conclusion, Residenz is doing an uncommon move here, hoping to get the best of it. They’re a neat sex bar overall. Good-looking girls working with full steam, and the entire organization and design outlook – everything is in place to make them a world-class brothel. Girls get the most benefit out the decision, but it is unsure how it will affect the demand.

The only dispute is referring to the numbers. Nowadays, people will be seeing more symptoms of inflating prices. If one is seeking for top-tier babes with the services establishing new heights and standards regarding brothels – without thinking of money – Residenz is the next destination.

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