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Germany’s New Prostiution Laws – Everything That Changed in One Year

Since Germany has changed its prostitution governing laws, a lot of dust has been stirred up. Both pouters and prostitutes are affected. It has introduced numerous restrictions, so the world of sex work and not even your sex bar will ever be the same. Some of these include that having sex without a condom is prohibited. Furthermore, the prices of German FKKs have also increased. Large German clubs like Manhattan, Sharks and FKK Place have changed a lot in one year. They have introduced the restrictions and started asking a lot more money for their services, almost double the amount.

It’s not that they are offering anything new or anything special. As a matter of fact, the quality of ‘standard services’ has even declined. The girls are just asking a lot more for half hour services and even more for extra services.

Quick Info: If you’re curious about every detail regarding the new laws, check out this article:

Changes in The Sex Industry

Just about every brothel, prostitute, and their dog have adapted to the new laws. The only problem is that they are incredibly unsatisfying for a lot of pouters. Almost every establishment in Germany has increased their prices. The laws didn’t just make the prices increase in many German FKK’s, but also had an effect on surrounding countries as well. As you probably have guessed, one of such countries is Austria.

A good example of this change is Goldentime Vienna’s new ‘premium service’. It’s a direct causation of what’s happening in neighboring Germany. However, there is nothing new about the ‘premium service’. It’s simply you paying more money for the same thing you did before.

The only change is that the ‘standard service’ has dropped in quality. You now have to pay €100 for half an hour of action. The girls think this price is justified and they have set the standard for the rest of the country.

For this reason, a lot of pouters choose other places when it comes to visiting brothels. Even German citizens come over to Vienna to have some sexy time because it’s a lot cheaper. For them, even the overpriced Swiss club seems quite reasonable.

How Prices Elevated in Babylon Hamburg

We got reports from various monger forums where people are outraged by how high the prices got at Babylon Hamburg. Nevertheless, Babylon isn’t the only club that has elevated their prices recently. Before the new laws were introduced, Babylon had a €65 entry fee and girls usually priced at €60. Numerous mogners stated that these prices got way higher since then. Currently, you have to pay about 100€ – 150€ to get a blowjob with a condom. How sad is that? The girl might give you some additional French kissing if you find her in a good mood. But as it turns out, these overpriced girls aren’t the only ones that suck at Babylon.

If you want to have some proper sex, it will cost you about 150€ – 200€ for half an hour, which is quite insane. It got ridiculously expensive. The girls are very strict with the new laws because it benefits them. They got to double their prices which is good for their business but bad for just about any pouter. Right now, you’ll have to cough up a lot more cash or move to a different country if you want to enjoy prostitutes in Germany.


The way things changed in Germany isn’t pleasant for any monger out there. The few restrictions to the way you have sex are something everyone could handle, but the doubled prices are an absolute nightmare. So, if you’re actually looking to have some good sex with prostitutes, stick with Vienna!

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