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What Australia’s Oldest Sex Bar Is Like

The Questa Casa, otherwise known as “The Pink House”, is Australia’s oldest sex bar. It has been open to pouters for 113 years now, ever since it’s opening in 1904.

Questa Casa, AKA. Pink House is located in Kalgoorlie, Australia. It has a long history that reaches all the way to the mining boom when it was doing insanely well. Once upon a time, it had to turn customers away, but business is much slower these days. The place is run by a lady named Carmel. She is a unique old woman with a touching story. When she was widowed for the third time during her early 50’s her therapist gave her the advice to try something new. Nobody guessed that she would end up buying one of Australia’s historic sex bar. It was a place where prostitutes came from all around the world to try their luck, just as gold miners did. Hay Street was known as the money making district all around the world back then.

Even though since 1892, prostitution is illegal in Australia, the sex bar has been doing pretty well. It stands on Hay Street, not far from the local police station. Caramel is currently 70 years old, and she is running the place for the 25th year now. She would seem like a very unlikely madam for a sex bar, because she is so well mannered. She talks in a very polite way and speaks in a very clean tone. Caramel is a very proper madam.

How This Sex Bar Works

The place mostly visited by truckers and a number of locals. People usually call the place to find out whether they can book a session or have anal sex. Caramel and her most loyal associate BJ talk to them on phone and invite them over for some naughty fun.

BJ is the sex bar’s last working prostitute. There are no other girls available in the house. Carmel and BJ have a unique relationship that drives their business’ survival. It has already survived many political, cultural, environmental and social changes. Their hard work helped Questa Casa live in the new age of sex work. Carmel is proud to be able to hone a bit of Australia’s treasured history, but it isn’t an easy task.

Madam Carmel definitely have has her work cut out for her. Their business is currently threatened by Asian competitors who live in the apartment blocks close to the brothel. To top their problems off, BJ often finds herself abusing drugs which don’t help things by a bit. The 45-year-old BJ is actually her own worst enemy and Carmel constantly tries to pull her life on track. But despite her best efforts, BJ continues to use drugs. The two women ended up meeting a director one day which ended up in her making a documentary about them.

It’s called The Pink House and gives us a tour of madam Carmel’s and BJ’s life. With Carmel’s smooth voice and awesome narration, the movie is a blast to watch.

Quick Info: There’s a murderous story in the documentary. It’s director talks about it in her interview:


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