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Why Exzess Gentlemen Club Is Popular In Vienna’s Best District

Exzess Gentlemen Club is a sex bar in Vienna. The place can be found near to the best district of the city and close to the business university, not far from a busy street. There are other places that belong to the ownership of Exzess Gentlemen Club, for example, Velvet Palace.

This bar used to be quite reputable once but with their current strategy, they can’t compete with big clubs, for example, Maxim.

Excezz gentlemen clubNot too long ago, they changed their name to Exzess Gentlemen Club, obviously in order to attract rich gentlemen. An objective that wouldn’t be too hard, seeing that the bar is located in an area that is inhabited by wealthy people, but at the end of the day the club is too small and does not really offer much.

As far as their website is concerned, it seems as if some SEO person has built a website for the club once and done some work too – the club can be found a lot online, although the site is hardly updated and the info provided therefore not relevant most of the time.

This sex bar is rather small, as are the rooms. In general, the rooms are good enough, though, to retire with the girls for sex. The girls saw there were mostly average and sometimes a real pretty one gets lost and ends up there. This is due to the online presence of the bar which suggests a much better place. All girls seem well instructed and as far as our information goes, provide decent service in the rooms.

Although not being a Saunaclub per se Exzess bar also has a Sauna cabin. Same goes for the pole. Exzess is not a striptease bar but they have a pole for the occasional spin of the girls who work there. Don’t expect to see good dances like in Beverly Hills Club or Nightclub Maxim Wien.

A few years ago, Exzess made headlines in Austrian media, because Richard Lugner the businessman and celebrity allegedly dated one of the girls who had worked there at that time. Later despite the obvious fact that she indeed worked in Exzess bar, she denied it and told that only photos had been taken of her. By now Lugner and the girl are separated.

As it is true for almost any Gürtel Bar also Exzess gets many of their clientele from Taxis. Needless to say, that they are mostly drunks or foreigners. Be careful when you enter a taxi as this can easily end up in a sky-high bill.

The bar is open from Monday to Friday between 12 and 4 am and at the weekends between 19 and 4 am.

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